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We serve to friends of nature & the universe with individual developments of smart
optical equipment for
visual earth & sky observing, for film or photography.  

If you have any suggestions or comments please email us at info[at]litescope.net

Our service of development & construction is directly offered from us to private consumers, education institutions, tourism companies, SAR organisations 

Vivian Bock     Kirchplatz 25    A-6632    Austria


We do not take responsibility for any unwanted consequences, damages, injuries or costs that may arise from technical advices that we have given, or which result from any form of using our products or by any from us in particular recommended products or from any of our comments.

We work on individual and experimental concepts of portable mirror telescopes for observing the night skies or nocturnal nature and wildlife. We do offer our custom designed prototypes and test instruments to amateur astronomers, birders, researchers, educational institutions, and S&R institutions.

We accept Euro (ask for quotes + 19% VAT) or US dollars for overseas orders.

After we received your order request you will get an information on the options and a sales order receipt containing specifications, item prices, and payment options.

Your specified order is officially given to us with your payment confirmation as soon as we have received your payment accounted in the bank.  

Please notify us immediatly in the unlikely case that you did not receive a confirmation of your order after payment! 

All payments must be made out in US Dollar or Euro currency.
We can only deliver to the provided delivery address, shown on the order form unless we receive notification for a new delivery address before sending. 

Please notify us in case of change of any dates like family names or delivery addresses...


Prices depend on individual developments and can be subject to change during an order in certain cases. 

Shipping And Handling

We reserve the right to charge extra for any order that is heavy or/and bulky or that has to be shipped to difficult to reach or remote places, or danger zones.

Delivery Schedule 

All goods are normally shipped via DHL. We are able to track parcels sent by either method until they reach the given delivery address.   
Please try to ensure that someone is available to sign for your parcel, as we must have a signature upon delivery. If nobody is available to sign for the 
consignment, the courier will put a card through the letterbox showing a contact telephone number or collection desk. You should be able to arrange a time 
when you will be available to sign for the parcel or you may have the option to take the card, along with suitable 
I.D., to your local depot and collect from there.

If you neglect to collect the parcel or re-arrange delivery as instructed on the card, we reserve the right to pass on the ‘return to sender’ charge plus any 
additional costs involved with re-sending the parcel.

If you need any item for a particular deadline, please contact us and we will try to endeavour to accommodate your requirements.

Special Orders Cancellations

If your item is particularly styled or designed to your specifications, we will reserve 10% deduction of refund in case of order cancellation announced 
by the customer within the given delivery time space. When the item has been delivered and the customer wants to return the item against refund, 
we will deduct 30% from the given order value = full payment, provided that the item/s arrive in perfekt condition and without any charge on us for shipping 
or handling.  
You will be e-mailed with the option to cancel your order if you would rather not wait. (Please see our cancellations section for information on how to cancel an order.)

Tax Charges

All orders are subject to 20 % VAT charge within Europe.  


All our products are equipped with a minimum of a 1 year manufacturer’s guarantee. This does not affect your statutory rights as a consumer.

Reaching us 

If you need to reach us, please e-mail us on info@litescope.net but please bear in mind that we may not be able to respond to all general enquiries. 

Please note your order number in any correspondence concerning an order that you have placed.  

Direct phone number is given in the contact page.

In the unlikely event of there being a complaint we undertake a policy in which we respond within 3 working days. 

This response will indicate both our intentions and the timescale in which we will endeavour to resolve any problems you may have.

In case of any complaint or special request, please specify the issue in a clear written form in english language. We will contact you as soon as possible to find a solution for you if possible.

Privacy Policy

We do not disclose buyer’s information to third parties but we do not take responsability for any form of information theft or indiscretion from any 
unauthaurised third parties.

Returns Policy

Claims for shortages and damages must be made within 7 days of receipt of goods.

a) Return of Goods which are damaged or faulty.

Please contact us initially to discuss the problem. 

We have differing return procedures for faulty items depending on the item in question, so it is necessary for you to contact us so that we can ensure 
the quickest and most efficient way to deal with your problem.

In accordance with Trading Standards regulations we will:

1) Where an item is faulty or damaged on arrival i.e. from the moment of receiving the item, we will replace the item or damaged parts of the item.

2) Where an item develops a fault within the manufacturers guarantee period,  we will firstly offer repair.

Where repair is not possible we will replace the item. Where a replacement is no longer available, we will offer an alternative, upgrade, or an equivalent item. Since we are not offering standardized mass products, we can only esteem delivery- or replacement time.

3) Where neither repair nor replacement is possible and some benefit has been had from the item, we will offer a refund but deduct 10% of item payment.

4) Where neither repair nor replacement is possible and no benefit has been had from the item, we will offer a full refund within 6 months after delivery.

If you wish to return any item, for any reason other than damage or fault, please ensure that it is well packed and is returned unused and in its original 
condition, within 7 days of  receipt. All security seals must be intact and unopened.

Please quote your customer reference number and invoice number.

b) Return of Unwanted Goods where an exchange IS NOT required.

We regret that we are unable to refund any delivery costs that we have incurred in shipping your order. We are also unable to refund any cost that you 
have incurred in returning the unwanted item to us. 

A handling charge will be levied for returning goods under these circumstances. This will be 10% of the sales price.

c) Return of Unwanted Goods where an exchange IS required.

We regret that we are unable to refund any delivery costs that we have incurred in shipping your order. We are also unable to refund any cost that you 
have incurred in returning the unwanted item to us. A handling charge will be levied for goods returned under these circumstances. 
This will be 10% of the sales price.

We refuse any legal obligation for refund or exchange of an item when a product has been ordered or designed especially for you. (In general we will 
discuss a refund of such an item but deduct up to 20% of sales price.)

If you wish to cancel an order with us before it is shipped you must confirm it in writing by e-mail to info@litescope.net
If the item(s) in question has been shipped prior to us receiving your cancellation, please refer to our Returns Policy.

Any technologies, pictures or designs shown or explained in our website or any of our printed catalogues or lists are copyright protected and may not be 
reproduced or published for comercial purposes unless they are specifically and expressively licensed with our Designs or with certified partners who use our 

Any technologies, pictures or designs shown or explained in our website or any of our printed catalogues or lists are copyright protected and may not be reproduced or published for commercial purposes unless they are specifically and expressively licensed with our Designs or with certified partners allowed to use our Designs.

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