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Visions & Concepts of Ride & Flight
Below is an excerpt of the long third chapter of my utopian adventure tale A TIME OF GOLDEN SKIES. It is woven around a very remarkable prophecy in the nineteenth verse of the nineteenth chapter of the prophetic book of Isaiah. In the past centuries, certain scribes and freelance archaeologists had assumed that this Egypt-related Bible text could perhaps point to the Great Pyramid of Giza. Several details do indeed speak for that option while classic Egyptology wiped such 'fundamental' Jewish or Christian connections away, insisting in the obvious dynastic history of the pharaonic empires of ancient Egypt who had - with no doubt - produced gigantic monuments for their rulers. However, it is perhaps worth to take a side view at the details of the biblical text and then on certain old, once rejected, or long forgotten pyramid & bible theories. An "...altar of stone and a pillar (memorial column), ...a sign and a witness of the Lord of Hosts in the land of Egypt..." had been predicted by the prophet. Two striking monuments of stone, apparently different in shape, shall attract public attention in a far future, witnessing or indicating God's word, visibly and tangibly! That prophecy is clearly end time related ("end time" is a term that had been overused in many regards. In the Bible it reflects not mainly an end of the planet or so, rather the return of the "Kingdom of Heaven", or the "Empire of the Heavens", coming back to earth; a key doctrine of Jesus, also). The last part of Isaiah's Egypt-chapter describes - after terrible civil wars and droughts - an astounding political relief and reconciliation process, finally ending the ages of misery. Even a free highway shall be leading from Egypt to Assyria (thereby automatically crossing Israel). Then comes a surprising divine blessing or benediction covering almost the entire region of the middle east, eventually affecting the whole earth. An unusual extra proof of authenticity of this inspired text is the point that Israel gets here just a third place position, listed behind Assyria and Egypt, as the third one of the three beneficiaries. After all that stress and struggle with these huge and mighty ancient empires in the past, a Jewish prophet at that time, would normally never ever list Israel after those nations which were filled up with idolatry traditions, a nasty issue here and there also within the territory of Israel during that ancient time B.C. For that reason, you can count on a truly inspired text that was not invented, fictitiously, e. g. by a patriotic Jewish mind, or so. It rather reflects a serious dictation from God who is, of course, sovereign over all those countries and nations, not only over Israel. Also Isaiah's announcement that God will strike Egypt, but then heal it again, is very interesting. Nothing less than God's will to connect and reconcile the major nations, in and around the Holy Land, as a '...blessing in the midst of the earth...' is stated in this encouraging chapter of the book of Isaiah. And it is already true regarding the hinted geographical location of these countries because there about is the geometrical center of the dry land mass on our planet! 

Numerical coincidences of geometry, position, and architecture of the Great Pyramid indicate clearly a superhuman origin. It was planned and executed beyond the efficiency of human tools and skills of the Stone and Copper Age (if the official dating is correct). Not mentioning the enigma of that geographically and astronomically coordinated arrangement of the buildings, timely stretching over generations and rulers. The three great pyramids of Giza appear too big, too massive, and too precise, to exist still today in that condition, with their more or less intact chambers and corridors. A hypothetical same high modern high-tech steel-reinforced concrete building from that ancient time would be not recognizable anymore. It would be likely as flat as the surrounding desert.
Nowadays, many thousands of years after these pyramids had been built, nagging disturbances are attacking the 'old-fashioned' believe in a Creator God and in heavenly eternal beings, serving Him as airborne or ground staff, and as powerful heavenly army, while at the same time a massive media-talk happens to evaluate the scientific challenges to detect the 'real' aliens in space, including the well-supported idea of potential radio detection of outer space life signals, just as if advanced civilizations would broadcast their secrets around in FM or AM like we do it. Facing so much excitement with the current God-or-alien discussion on every level, it must appear extra anachronistic to dig out a long forgotten, once ridiculed theory of centuries old scientists and bible researchers, extending it even toward a new bold theory of what the Great Pyramid actually represents. And yes, when I would try to say it, in a nutshell, it would sound fairly odd for an educated mind. In the first second, it appears perhaps more absurd than any of those hundreds of esoteric or SciFi theories from the past. When you pile them all up, e.g. the books about water pumps, or sound power energy plants, or ray guns, or landing basements of spaceships; the heap could become perhaps bigger as the actual Great Pyramid ever was. However, today it is public knowledge that they contain too many geometrical and mathematical and technical design features to put them exclusively on the shelf of a sheer religious, ceremonial, or cultural background of a cenotaph or tomb, and without looking right or left, just labeling them with the 'evident' afterlife-faith explanation that had satisfied archaeologists, historians and museum curators, worldwide, for so long.

The Giza Pyramids were, are, and will be something, with their many millions of tons of shaped and moved stone blocks. I am aware that it makes almost no sense to try brewing another speculative 'nonfiction', just to stack it on, or in between, or below the thousands of existing (many of them excellent, informative, or entertaining) pyramid books. But, I got a dream of a more contemporary kind of an eco-adventure-science-fiction about a bunch of aero-sports enthusiasts who learn about the forgotten, daring hypothesis of late Christian scholars, astronomers and geographers as e.g. the famous Scottish mathematician and astronomer Charles Piazzi Smyth. He had noticed that the measurements in and around the Great Pyramid, carried out by himself and later on more precisely by Sir Flinders Petrie, did indicate stunning connections to certain texts and numerologies of the Old Testament and the New Testament, including the Revelation. Smyth initiated an excursion to find more proof. Two friends/colleagues of him traveled then to Giza in 1872. When you go through the following history of events and circumstances, you will see that astounding, hidden artifacts had been found and later on published and exhibited. But mysteriously, until today, the surprising evidence was considered as barely scientifically significant...


...“But when you're postulating technical super-relics of a divine origin, the question comes to mind: 'why so much effort to save the earth, when the chosen people were already saved forever, in Heaven?'”

The prophet Isaiah and other Biblical authors left no doubt that God will reclaim the earth on a certain day in the future. The Bible describes the prophetic resurrection of the dead, a core dogma of monotheistic religion. Surprisingly, Jesus eats fish in the days after His resurrection. And He had obviously not disappeared into thin air, on His ascension amidst of His disciples, forty days later, as you could actually assume it from a divine being of His dignity. According to Acts, He was throughout optically visible to the eyes of the present Galileans. He was raised into a cloud. Apparently, numerous eyewitnesses tracked then this 'cloud' that was moving away from them: '...he was lifted up, and a cloud took him out of their sight. And while they were gazing into heaven as he went...'.”

Sarah's and Elijah's attention pulled slightly on.

Once, I've got the opportunity, to ask experienced scribes for Jewish and Christian scriptures from antiquity. There was a librarian of St. Catherine's Monastery in High-Sinai in Egypt, the most important Christian library, behind the Vatican library in Rome. He worked on digital archiving of the very old books and scrolls. Greek Orthodox monks inhabit the outlying monastery in the Mountains, since the sixth century. He laughed at my question whether this cloud in the description of the Ascension could've been a kind of UFO or a super human aircraft, just to give it a modern tech-term. To my surprise, the monk found this question not absurd or anyhow heretical. 'Of course, yes, of course,' he told me, with a broad grin from ear to ear. 'Yes, why not! This certain Greek word for cloud would not forbid such a translation, in the context of locomotion towards the skies or in the sky. This would be a bold interpretation, but yes, certainly that could be a real possibility', he said.”

John, are you kidding? You mean now, but not seriously that Jesus took off with a UFO?!” Elijah could not hide his astonishment.

Sarah's eyes widened up.

...I asked a professor of theology in Houston, Texas, who was working on New Testament studies. He didn't like that interpretation, however. But he gave me at least to understand that purely linguistically seen, there's no conflict with an interpretation of a technical aerial vehicle, instead of the commonly translated term 'cloud' in a sense of hovering vaporized water, or so. The eyewitnesses saw an incomprehensible something in the sky that was able to hover and to carry a person away! Jesus had been elevated and then taken up by that cloud. He disappeared in it, and the present witnesses watched the cloud obviously moving away from them. The object must have been floating above them until Jesus was lifted into it. Then it went away from their eyes, as it is reported in the first chapter of Acts. As next, we learn about two men in glittering clothes. So obviously, these guys were real angels. They reassured to the present people that Jesus will return, one day, right in that same way, as they had seen him leaving. So probably again, with one or more of such 'clouds' from heaven, He shall reappear from the skies.” John paused. Elijah and Sarah stared at him, open-mouthed.

Those clouds of heaven were mentioned in three Gospels, in the famous sermon of the end times. But they occur also in the Old Testament. At the begin of the book of Isaiah, chapter nineteen: '...See, the Lord YHWH goes along on a swift cloud and comes to Egypt...'. This particular 'cloud' was apparently associated with heavenly transport or movement in the sky. Occasionally, a fiery chariot with fiery horses, or a flying wheel with spokes of frightening depth, managed vertical movements or transports, or raptures of the saints and prophets. When you read in the Bible, you will find that there was a lot more in the skies than just birds and stars.”

Sounds indeed somehow like aircraft!” Sarah marveled. “Was it actually described as sort of noisy, or so?”

Yes, in some cases, at least. In Ezekiel, first chapter, verse twenty-four, you can read about his visions: ...I heard the noise of their wings, like the noise of great waters, as the voice of the Almighty, the voice of speech, as the noise of an host: when they stood, they let down their wings...”

That sounds a bit like rotors of a helicopter, or a drone that can fold rotor blades down...” 

...It's anyway a witness report, and not a fancy dream, or so when you go over the full story. Theologians tried to mystify this text, pushing it in a metaphorical direction. Many authors have written about Ezekiel's 'UFO' sightings and a very precisely described temple building that is designed like an open arena, where... The cloud filled the temple, and the court was full of the radiance of the glory of the Lord...

Even NASA staff researched and patented certain designs inspired from the Ezekiel text. No doubt that there was some sort of technical transport equipment and not just fancy tales, or so. Many don't like this idea because their entire secular worldview would loose its balance. There's a growing public effort to debunk it or to keep it all as 'religious' as possible. 'UFOs fit not with God'. Others try to keep the UFOs but want to get rid of the religious part... And many Christians consider all that just as heretical or even occult stuff. Hard to understand, actually, because faith would shift closer to historic reality. Did Jesus talk of a Kingdom of Heaven, or not? Did angels speak, sleep, eat, and walk, or not? But that is exactly what makes it so uncomfortable for the believer as well as for the atheist. The list of Biblical threats and good promises is quite long. A purely transcendent or hyper-dimensional heaven is somehow easier to communicate, with all the spiritual aspects. But these airborne vehicles or UFOs were there, no doubt!”

Perhaps anti-gravity technology!” was Elijah's mischievous comment. “Maybe, that's all just fairy tales in the end. But I admit, it doesn't sound as if the authors had invented their observations out of thin air, or so.”

'Cloud' is a term for an object. Whatever it was, the people around Jesus saw him physically lifted up, floating into that object. It is described as a witnessed scene and not as a kind of a dream or a vision, or so. It's apparently a comparable kind of report, almost like the descriptions in the book of Ezekiel. It's clearly a report. It's something what the people had experienced, visibly, in front of their eyes.”

When it's just about inventing fictional stories, and to get them accepted among contemporaries, it wouldn't contain too much of such strange phenomena. Who can normally believe that? A writer with political or religious motivations who wants to manipulate people in the future, would have written it in a more credible sounding style. We're talking about times when lying or inventing untrue stories was seen as a very evil act, especially when you labeled it as the truth. Ezekiel was the son of a priest. It's unthinkable that he's lying to our face, so to say. Apart from the fact that this text became part of the Bible. This was long before modern product advertisement where they tell you what they want to make you buying it.”

Who would've thought of a flying or hovering thing made by human hands, before Otto Lilienthal, and before the Wrights? Guess, there wasn't a thought of human flight or levitation at that time, or?”

...And Christians were always convinced of the truth of these texts, whether they appeared understandable, in such details, or not. In our modern age of aviation and space travel, a new light could be thrown on these texts. That was hardly noticed by theologians, before the aviation era.”

'Fascinating!' Mister Spock would say,” Sarah quoted tiredly.

In our age of aviation where air sovereignty has become a veritable symbol of power, autonomy and wealth of the nations, those ancient UFO observations appear actually quite intriguing, or?”

None of us can go back in time, to see it, or to make a video!”

...Is not necessary to go back in time, to video it. In the twenty-first chapter of Luke's Gospel, Jesus prophesied his glorious return from heaven, in the future: '...and then you will see the Son of Man coming with power and glory with the clouds of heaven...'.”

Are there perhaps further text passages with similar expressions?” Elijah asked.

A lot! And not only in the Bible!”

It took Sarah now quite some effort to keep her eyes open. She laid in Elijah's arms and clung to him. They had lifted the electronic headboard. John sat at the foot end, talking indefatigably ahead...

“...We've been taught our world developed by little and big accidents in the universe, and that we should reach out beyond our current access, so that our children may have it better. Though apparently, humans weren't able to find any sustainable solutions for getting the world kind enough to allow all of us to live happy, well supported, and in peace and freedom. What could we do about it? Is sustainable and righteous reign possible at all? Perhaps global reign...?”

Don't know, John,” said Sarah yawningly. Elijah had to yawn, too.

...Sure, but how? Who would ever be able to? We gave the power into the hands of elected representatives. However, you need not even a university degree to become a politician or a president. It's not like with ordinary jobs where your professional qualification is strictly controlled by the authorities. There's no very strong constitutional mechanism protecting us from power abusing political forces or parties. More and more upcoming regulations in international politics, but no ethical profile record of the candidates, or empathy tests in terms of a psychological evaluation by an independent institution, to testify their social competence and human compassion. But how could a politician ever help the poor and afflicted when he does not know about poverty and discrimination from a personal perspective?”  

“I think we see many hard working politicians and well wishing governments. Though, right under their hands, the ecological and social situation on the planet is deteriorating.”

Economic directives superimpose moral principles. We experience our mortality as a compelling motive to accumulate material wealth or power - whatever it takes. When we would be immortal, we would eventually become weary about all that labor and craving for stuff. Without facing death, you would enjoy life better, and perhaps you would strive for sustainable technical facilities as well. If it was scientifically indisputable that eternal life will be provided from God one day for free and not for money or any other worldly values in exchange, then we all would think less materialistic. We would plan more thoroughly before we act. We would strive for happiness, not for electronic numbers or accumulations of harmful things. We'd still develop dreams and concepts, though we wouldn't put career or the power over others in the foreground. All this would become pointless. The race for corruptible things would fall behind the joy of God's existence and love, and behind the kindness and security within our families and friendships.”

John, how many civilizations in the universe might exist? What do you think? How many of them might have got that ostensible eternal life, already?”

Massive! Immeasurable! There is so much material and space out there. Everything goes. It must be terrific! Just awesome terrific! No human could find a word for the diversity and abundance out there! It looks empty, beside the stars and nebulae. But it's not empty! I can't know it, but I know it somehow... Somehow...”

Joohn, pleeease, your sky-machine, pleease...! You know that I can't run away from here, but I can throughout asleep, John!” Sarah had reached the limit of her readiness to pay much further attention to John's lecture. Elijah's sometimes sinking lids had already shown rapid eye movements. But he still cached certain keywords like 'civilizations', ...'universe', ...'eternal life'...

Just a moment! Wait a moment! ...We're looking at hundreds of billions of galaxies, most of them containing hundreds of billions of stars, and even far more planets. You can't stop thinking of how great God's gift of life might have spread around in the cosmos, how diverse, how glorious, and how profound it could be. When consciousness had been disseminated eons before us, like the seeds of a plant... In this scenario, 'gardeners' could have worked on the 'plants', while a powerful 'inventor and owner' of all those creations could have directed them! ...We've covered our planet with global networks of transport and communication lines, just like a busy spider weaves its web. That appears to be a fundamental attribute of civilization, so the universe could be filled with artificial networks, albeit at an unknown technical level. The fact that we couldn't verify them in space, with our current detection methods, means nothing. But when could the time of revelation come?"

What do you think, John?” One of four tired eyes was yet half open.

Before alcoholics or drug addicts can initiate their reversal, a deep point of aberration is often required, to make a change. And they need helpers. Later on, those sufferers reach sometimes a greater maturity and stability in their life than people with smoother biographies. Some said 'I needed that experience! I needed help, and I got help! It was the only way I can be happy today!' Also, Jesus came into the lives of so many people who received their faith right at such a critical point."

We've a friend who has experienced that,” Sarah rasped tiredly.

However, when that same humbling but eventually liberating principle is somehow scalable for the entire human race, it could indicate that something big could have been prepared, assisting the step over the threshold of mortality and sin, into the future of an unlimited peaceful existence. It could be prophetically linked with a process of worldwide reconciliation, and also with the expected Savior. Something, we can only learn in the end time. A kind of divine tool to avert the ultimate downfall on the planet. Once in operation, no mind, no heart will be able to ignore God's good will for His earth and for His humans, any longer! We will then not only guess, or hope, or believe, we will know that God has made it all. We will see, not only read about it in ancient books...”

You're crazy, John! But keep going! We're still listening to you.”

...We're looking for nothing less than a divine climate emergency brake. Of course, God could also bring such a sacred super device later on, perhaps when the environmental calamities arrive at their culmination, to extinguish the fire that was kindled by the proliferating human industriousness.”

...But He could also renew all things, solely through His Word...”

I know, we Christians wouldn't normally expect an ancient machine to facilitate survival on the planet. Of course not! Although, the Israelites who were freed from slavery in Egypt after whopping four hundred years, were then nourished for another forty years, in the arid wilderness, with manna that was falling from heaven. That unwanted extra desert trip had happened to them because of their nagging on the promised land and its supposed hazards. They were eating a physical material that was obviously fallen from the sky. A solid food from up there. And it must have been generated somehow. Daily. Right in time, to avoid starvation. Except on Sabbath because a double portion came the day before. Maybe the manna was generated totally out of thin air, purely by the will of God. But also a divine monument of stone could then come into existence by a supernatural creation process. Even without one single human worker! Or, maybe... God had initiated and controlled its man-made construction. Considering Biblical materialization of wine, oil, bread, or fish, stone is chemically seen a rather simple material to make. God has no limits. His works are good. His intentions are good. His love and his gifts are pure. So when a building was built from scratch, through His will, then we have to expect perfection beyond what we can easily explain. And that could in principle include a building with powerful technical features. However it was done. May sound absurd, but you can't exclude it.”

Hmmm... Forty years is actually quite a long time when you have to eat the same food every day," said Elijah.

"They'd better not have nagged at the Holy Land and its circumstances.”

Moses had a rod. David had a slingshot. Daniel's companions were saved by an angel who walked visibly around with them, in a huge heated oven. The physical manifestation of many described miracles should allow us the bold hypothesis of a potential physical object, once erected to help mankind to control global warming when the threat becomes acute. I know how crazy that sounds. But keep in mind that the Son of Man, God's own Son Jesus Christ is expected to return visibly from the sky, at a special day in the future. Finally to intervene, to save, to heal and to judge the nations of the world. He will send out His angels, to collect the chosen people literally from all over the world. Just like apples from a tree, or so. Also in the Apocrypha and in other prophetic texts we find expressions or prophecies concerning a harvest. Would be pretty ignorant to overlook the trends and the magnitude of looming ecological and political crises emerging on the horizon, in the light of Biblical prophecy. Today's escalation of worrying weather and political unrest had been undeniably predicted or implied in the prophetic texts. Jesus foretells a crisis-ridden future world, right when he comes back from heaven, with great power and glory. His advice, how to respond as best, is to find in Luke's Gospel: '...Now when these things begin to take place, straighten up and raise your heads, because your redemption is drawing near'...”

Sarah was dozed off. Elijah was just so fighting bravely against his fatigue.

...His Power, His love, His majesty, and the property rights of God would be demonstrated abruptly when such a repairing device turns out to be present on Earth, since thousands of years! ...Once made for the rescue of life or for the restoration of the planetary life conditions! The relic could be even known to the public, perhaps it was somehow hinted in the Bible, but its actual spectrum of functions had never been disclosed in the Holy Scriptures. Not even believers could have learned about its true purpose. If hidden active, or potential technical functions would've been described too early, it could've exposed it to the highest scale of risk. Especially during the dark ages of religious turmoil and poor scientific understanding...”

A short snore...

John paused...

Elijah's eyes opened for a moment...

Sarah's mouth opened, too...

...In the nineteenth chapter, the prophet Isaiah predicts an altar and a pillar of stone, in the midst and at the border of the land of Egypt. '...A sign and a witness to the Lord of Hosts...'. Amazingly, that prophecy is connected with a divine process of geopolitical reconciliation covering most of the Middle East, from Egypt, Israel, up to the northeast, to Assyria, therewith several of today's countries. And it ultimately affects then the whole earth! The text describes two specific stone artifacts of utmost national and international importance. That came, already centuries ago, to the attention of certain Bible scientists who had a predilection for ancient Egypt and its mysteries, ...what was actually a bit of a fashion, back at that time.”

John read from a scripture passage from chapter nineteen of the book of the prophet Isaiah: “'...In that day there will be an altar to the Lord in the midst of the land of Egypt, and a pillar to the Lord at its border. It will be a sign and a witness to the Lord of Hosts in the land of Egypt. When they cry to the Lord because of oppressors, he will send them a savior and defender, and deliver them. And the Lord will make himself known to the Egyptians, and the Egyptians will know the Lord in that day and worship with sacrifice and offering, and they will make vows to the Lord and perform them. And the Lord will strike Egypt, striking and healing, and they will return to the Lord, and he will listen to their pleas for mercy and heal them. In that day there will be a highway from Egypt to Assyria, and Assyria will come into Egypt, and Egypt into Assyria, and the Egyptians will worship with the Assyrians. In that day Israel will be the third with Egypt and Assyria, a blessing in the midst of the earth, whom the Lord of Hosts has blessed, saying, “Blessed be Egypt my people, and Assyria the work of my hands, and Israel my inheritance.'...

Sarah was now fast asleep. Elijah was still blinking.

...Such objects can't be idol statues, but possibly existing stone artifacts of divine providence. An incontestable physical evidence of His glory and intention to save humanity from chaos and death. A system of ancient monuments. Their importance has to be assessed in the highest grade. At the same time the legal status of earth, God's property, would have to be acknowledged without any further dispute. His authorship will then be documented, finally and forever. A stone monument for God? How remarkable! He had strictly forbidden the construction of manufactured things if that came only in the propinquity of an idol. The object we are looking for, must have a completely impersonal character. By exploring its complex functionality, science and press would have to recognize the divine providence of human failure. Politicians would have to announce it to the peoples. Otherwise, they couldn't set it in gear. That wouldn't go secretly and discreetly. God had prevented! It is namely located in the periphery of a gigantic metropolis. Therefore, an undisclosed operational mode of the system is way out of question. This point has to be considered for a proper understanding of the complex constellation of things, events and circumstances! Monuments are mostly meant to attain public attention. And this is so herewith as well. But this one is far more than just a monument...”

Sarah snuggled up in her blanket.

Elijah's eyes were closed, mouth half open. He went slowly over to relaxed sleep breathing, as well.

...At the same time, it appears virtually indestructible. Violent forces of nature and of primitive man can grind a lot of things down, in the course of millenniums. From a genius superhuman device, designed for precise temperature regulation of the entire earth climate system, you may expect some kind of cryptic features, at least from an archaeological perspective. Scientific researchers interpreted it perhaps as a purely religious motivated artifact, like so many other monumental constructions of antiquity. It could have disguised modern archeology, by its typical ancient megalithic look. You may suspect that it embodies the power of a ruler in his afterlife or something like that. Not only Christians, Muslims, and Jews would see just a pretentious monument from times of pagan god cults in it. Maybe, it stands right in the middle of many other ancient structures of those highly organized polytheistic cultures. By uncovering the mystery, however, it may soon become clear that none of us mortals would have been able to solve its unprecedented enigma, yet before the appointed time has come. We had to wait... for our own sake!”

Couldn't a prehistoric race, with a superior intellect, leave such a rescue machine for us, to prevent the global climate disaster?” Elijah wanted to know, with a scratchy voice. He was woken up, somehow.

That's a good question! Could a hypothetical ancient super civilization, maybe the Atlantis or MU people, have ever minded for the survival of us, their human descendants? ...Long before the Stone Age hunters and gatherers? ...While severe environmental hazards were possibly expected to be caused by an upcoming human race? ...While those benevolent pioneers of an advanced civilization were probably mere mortal beings themselves? We could ask ourselves: Would we want to build a survival machine for our descendants in a very vague future, at whatever cost? Of course not! The answer is a resounding No! Never would something like that happen, out of our own will! Especially not when economic interests are tailored to keep a technically advanced civilization of mortal societies under control, as it is the case worldwide. You may need a remarkable grade of implemented altruism, assuming that we don't even know if our descendants will ever be able or even want to identify the well-meant machine in a far distant future...”

...Assuming they can find it and set it in gear.”

...Just imagine the United Nations are calling out for the end of the world, saving some of their representatives in their bunkers and submarines, and still decide for the costly construction of a technical survival system for potential farthest generations of survivors to come. Something like that would be, not only politically, infeasible today. No president of a country and no General Secretary of the United Nations would even tell the people about such a doom scenario. Highest grades of secrecy would apply in such a case and the circle of initiates would be kept rather manageable...”

...Maaannaaggeabllleeehh...,” murmured Sarah deep asleep.

Elijah massaged his arm that was somehow fallen asleep, too.

...In case that we can learn to identify such hypothetical equipment, we all on Earth will know that only God who has absolute power and wealth could have inspired its construction! Mortal humans and extraterrestrial beings, though, could have been throughout partly or entirely involved in the building process. God could have equipped the workers with specific plans, tools, and engineering skills to complete His design in a highest possible grade of quality and precision. He could have monitored and planned the construction works. He let his people build temples and altars, in the history of ancient Israel. So He could have sealed the secret structure, to protect it from upcoming violent times of a young impetuous mankind. Unassailable superhuman technology, revealing its awesome functional secrets, but only after a very close and careful revision. Only at a certain time when the end appears inescapable, we may be ready for it...”

What would we actually need to protect life on our planet, John? I mean, technically seen?” Elijah was asking, still sleepy, and still with a scratchy voice.

A controllable spherical heat shield would help. A reflecting shield that envelops the whole planet. Certain portions of the sunlight should be reflected back into space before it can penetrate earth's atmosphere. Nothing short of it is what it takes to protect the remaining bio-habitats and food chains. That's the only way how the accumulating thermal energy in the global greenhouse could be gradually reduced...”

...Come on, John, please..., slowly..., maybe... now... finally to the point...” Sarah was woken up and began with mild bed gymnastics. Her injured leg had reduced the swelling, but it was itchy and she hated it, not being able to sit in her airplane, rehearsing the new routine. Also from her parachute she was fed up at the moment. The situation was chastening. Just Elijah's love was a solace. So far, they had missed the first two air shows of the season. Not good. However, Eli gave her warmth and closeness. “...But now, crazy John and his fancy speculations, and no way in sight to get rid of him this afternoon,” she thought.

Elijah was listening with growing attention. He had developed some interest in Asian cultures. As a professional adventurer and mountaineer, he could throughout imagine to clamber around in a secret mountain cave or in a tomb, discovering buried treasures and when possible, why not a formula or equipment to save the world, about like a comic hero in the cinema, or so...

Ok, Sarah, it's the pyramid... I mean the Great Pyramid of Giza, ...of course!” John pushed it hastily behind.

Aaah, wow! How original is that?! Thanks, John... Very interesting... Though.., you know... That's actually enough for me today... Bye, John!” Sarah lounged relaxed at Elijah's side and closed her eyes again.

Elijah persisted: “Wait a minute. What exactly do you mean with 'Great Pyramid'? I thought you're talking about a mysterious machine, or so? In this pyramid, there are no buttons to press, or?” He would have preferred to explore a secret treasure cave. Pyramid climbing was somewhat outside of his spectrum of interest.

Button not, ...no, ...although, ...almost! ...Something like that. A ball! It's a ball. When you think it through, it's actually pretty close to a switch or a lever. Though, it's just a ball... Seems unimpressive, but it surpasses anything Indiana Jones could ever dream of. It appears so strangely simple that no one came up with it, not even in our modern times where rolling balls are considered as something self-evident... I mean, when you just think of soccer, of tennis, ...or bowling, ...or billiards, or so... Everything is rolling, or?”

What do you mean with 'a ball,' John? What are you actually talking about?” Sarah lost her patience, yet not her humor. Her voice came from underneath of her blanket where she had just disappeared again.

Since centuries, journalists and scientists had been around there, conducting research on the Great Pyramid of Giza. They've written thousands of books about it... John, You're really not the first one who is putting attention on it.”

Yes, I know it sounds like a kind of B-movie tale, but in reality, it's a huge apparatus. It's a superhuman technical device and it addresses precisely the two most serious threats on Earth, namely, global warming and the wickedness amidst of the nations. Both separates humanity from a vibrant future. It's like a boundary between life and death. And yes! 'Frontier' or 'border' is the term into that 'Giza' is being translated, quite literally! Interestingly, the name 'Cairo', of the neighboring mega city, translates into 'Mars'. Mars was the name of a Roman god who was associated with war. In Greece it was Ares, yet before that age. You could interpret 'Giza' as the 'border' point or 'borderline' between peace and war, or between life and death. It's also possible to consider Giza purely geographically as a border, between Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt! But that's not yet the full picture. Based on a certain cartographic system, it's located exactly at the geometric mass center of all of the dry land masses, on the whole planet!”

Ooookay, details please!” Sarah became slowly visible again. “Please, John, what for a border? What for a ball?! What are you talking about?”

...Hang on! Think I've read about something like that... sometimes...” muttered Elijah in between.

...Right! ...The Dixon Relics... They're called 'Dixon Relics'... Once, they were almost discarded because they appeared so insignificant from a classical studies point of view. For some time, they were even disappeared completely. Today, they are exhibited in the British Museum, in London.”

John had regained the attention of the two stunt pilots. Sarah got a twinkle in her eyes as if she would start the Lycoming of her Edge 540. Elijah was wondering how to turn on a gigantic pyramid with a ball, for whatsoever...

In 1872 a Scottish railway engineer named Waynman Dixon and his friend, a physician with influential relations, Dr. James Andrew Sandilands Grant, practicing in Cairo, titled there as Honorary Grant Bey, discovered two small shaft openings behind thick limestone walls in a chamber which is located below the very famous King's chamber. In their cross-section, these shafts are about the size of a shoe box...”

...How could they discover shafts there when they were covered from stone walls?” asked Sarah.

Similar shafts were known and free accessible, in the King's Chamber. Their mentor and client, Charles Piazzi Smyth, suspected similar features in the so-called Queen's Chamber, underneath. Dixon had moved a candle flame slowly along the walls and put attention to the finest air movements. Then he pushed a wire into a tiny gap and knocked off the walls for potential resonance. Finally, when he was sure enough of hollow sounds, he had them carefully chiseled out. And bingo!, The gentlemen found indeed two previously unknown shafts... Same position and orientation as above. Their entrances were at the north wall and right opposite at the south wall of the room. They showed similar diameter as those in the King's Chamber. On the outer surface of the pyramid, however, they are closed. They don't show exits at the outer walls as like the upper two shafts do. The virtual exit points in their geometric extensions are not marked anywhere, externally.”

John unpacked a huge technical drawing. He eagerly rolled it out, on Sarah's sickbed, in front of both astonished faces. It was depicting the Great Pyramid in her cross-section.

...Dixon, of course, ...he wanted to bring home particular valuable treasures or at least a mummy, but there was nothing like that. Instead, a nearly fist-sized stone ball rolled out there... Guess that could have rumbled pretty scary in the stuffy dark room. Certainly a frightening experience when you've just opened a pyramid shaft, after many thousands of years, with a torch and a chisel in your hands... and then a stone ball tumbles out there, like on a bowling alley or so. Inside was also a wooden rod and a funny little double sided hook made of bronze. Except for the wooden stick, those things landed in the British Museum in London, via complex detours and an intermediate shelf life in the Museum of Aberdeen, in Scotland.”

OK, John, and what do we think about this very interesting stone ball and this extraordinary double-whatsit-hook?” asked Sarah, noticeable getting a little bored again.

In the nineties, the German engineer Rudolf Gantenbrink had explored the inside of these shafts, using his sophisticated self-built remote-controlled robot vehicles, on behalf of an international archaeological team, under the thumb of the Chief of Department of Antiquities of Egypt and the German Archaeological Institute. It was on television and in the print media, everywhere in the world. In the coming decade, press and television were filled up with documentaries, hundreds of theories and discussions. Strangely, despite all the pyramid bustle, until today, apparently no one had taken into consideration that those items, found by Dixon and Grant, were perhaps made for a technical purpose that could be directly connected to these shafts. There are in total four of such oblique putative air shafts, in the Great Pyramid. To me, it seems quite obvious that this ball was actually made to roll in there, sometimes in the future. But until today, it seems that no one has come up with this very simple idea. Although it might seem obvious when you look at it from a practical point of view. Actually, I don't think that you need a higher education or expert career in order to imagine a down-rolling ball in an angled shaft, inside of this pyramid!”

They felt that John couldn't hide a little pride. Eventually, it was about one of the greatest archaeological mysteries of ancient history. The Great Pyramid of Giza was the last remaining of the seven world wonders. An archaeological research hot spot since centuries.

True, funny. But why weren't all those countless pyramid propeller-heads come on it?” So far, the story sounded somehow too trivial, apart from John's complicated theological overture.

A ball of stone so, but for what? What has that to do with the climate of the earth, please?” she asked with a slightly derogatory undertone. “And why should that thing roll, and not merely lay around in there, for all these thousands of years?”

Archaeologists found plenty of similar stone balls in the quarries. The masons had hammered on the blanks of blocks and steles, using extremely hard hand axes of diabase or diorite, or from granite. The surfaces of the blocks and statues were roughly chiseled in that way. Small pieces burst away when tapping with such hard plutonic rock on granite or with granite on limestone. By turning these rock pieces in your hand, they become rounder and rounder, from chiseling. Eventually, they form to outright balls. Therefore, the researchers concluded narrowly, but unfortunately stopped just next to the right solution. They thought that this ball, found by Dixon and Grant, was perhaps one of those countless stonemason tools which had come to light at the quarry sites. Apart from that logical but misleading conclusion, it's also possible that workers had played with such stone balls. Just for fun, in their spare time, or so. In the event that they had still enough energy left for games in the evenings, after all that pyramid drudgery. Perhaps a kind of Boules game, or so. A frieze is picturing such a game, figuratively. In an Egyptian grave, they had once found a whole set of skittles among the grave goods. Dixon's stone ball discovery let other scientists consider it as a kind of weight slot, for a star-observing device... You'd probably have it easier, if anything of those mind-boggling pyramids would finally identify them at least as some sort of observatories if they were not actual graves in the end... The annoying guesswork would then be finished and the Egyptologists could return to the cultural priorities of their ancient world studies. Some academic professionals don't like it very much that so many amateur researchers and tourists are still sticking to the Great Pyramid of Giza. Some markings of the masons... But no meaningful hieroglyphs, no inscriptions, no statues, no mummies... Scientifically a rather arid field of research. Far more questions than answers. How could Bronze Age builders immortalize the geographical extent of the globe in stone, or the mathematical constants Pi, Phi, the Pythagorean Theorem, meter, feet, inch, cubit, even the speed of light and modern weight units? Earthquake proof? In the fourth dynasty? With copper chisels and stone hammers? With ropes and sleds, just so, entirely without wheels? Up to dozens of tons heavy stone blocks, transported over hundreds of miles? Built in CNC-like precision? Joints without gaps? Millions of tons of construction material moved and carved? With human muscle power and animals? To bury a Pharaoh?”

John made a short break. Elijah and Sarah looked at him like two young scouts, listening to an exciting campfire story.

Not one of the four oblique shafts is running continuously straight. The northern shafts show curves in the lower sections. All four shafts go off horizontally, after a kink, before they open in their rooms. However, the overall structural precision of the building is stunning. You would, therefore, assume that the masons and engineers would've been able to perform an exact continuous course of those shafts... and also with accurate uniform cross-sections if they would've wanted. In certain areas, they show throughout consistent and exact straight sections. Mainly in the upper two shafts. The apparently not one hundred percent successful course reflects likely a technical intention, underlying. Inside are also a couple of tiny accurately engraved niches which are looking highly intentional and very technical. Their purpose is unknown. And due to certain seemingly unwanted deviations, for example just a few yards from the entrance section of the upper shafts, you could throughout come up with the idea that the deviation is not hindering the actual purpose. For simple air shafts, it would be the case, but they are not only air shafts as you will see. It all looks definitely, as if a specific technical job was intended with this mysterious design. Of course, all of it came to the attention of the researchers. But, the big question today still remains: For what purpose was it really made for, in such a specific way?“

But, ...John! What you're telling us here, would certainly interest the scientists! Have you explained any of it to an Institute of Archeology or so?” asked Sarah.

Facing the order of magnitude of public interest in that particular topic, it's not so easy. Not all archaeologists may like the investigating public mind so much - not only in the field of pyramid research... Like unpaid amateur astronomers discovered most comets, asteroids and supernovae in the universe with their partly homemade telescopes, perhaps even more than international billion-dollar-space-research, so it's a bit similar with amateur archeology. Unpaid private individuals interfere with the work fields of academic professionals. They put in question officially appointed ages and origins and purposes of buildings and then they even write a lot of successful non-fiction publishing. For professional antiquity watchers that must feel pretty uncomfortable. But there is a long tradition for! Waynman Dixon was also such a hobby researcher, just like other great names of a time when there weren't yet chairs for Egyptologists. Already the Scottish astronomer Charles Piazzi Smyth, an initiator of Dixon's excursion had believed that at least the Great Pyramid could only be a divine structure. He was looking for proof... and... well, he finally held the evidence literally in his hands! Dixon had sent him the relics by mail, in a cigar box! God has humor, obviously.”

Sounds really mysterious!” said Elijah. “Haven't they found more references, revealing the originally planned purpose of those items?”

...Weren't any hieroglyphics in there, or something like that?”

A painted cartridge in the top chamber of the building is supposed to contain the name 'Cheops'. It looks like a graffiti. This is seen controversially. Some say that it's just a sluttish forgery in this uppermost chamber, once made by the British discoverer Howard Vyse. Could be that it was drawn in there by his personal assistant. But even if it would be genuine - that particular Pharaoh wore several names, and interestingly each one of his names hints to the different functions of the building. Though, let's put this aside for now... But, you can come on it also without any hieroglyphs, for which purpose the building was meant to serve. And it will soon become clear that the intellectual property, the IPR so to speak, can never ever lie in human hands! Targeted divine inspiration was here at work if not even heavenly engineers! You will soon see why. Regarding Dixon's little double hook, made of bronze - I'm convinced, it's simply intended to take the metal eyelets of the closing blocks in each of the two lower shafts. You may use it for hooking in, from the outside of the pyramid. They are meant to pull the blocking stones upward, once these shafts have been opened beforehand, from the outside. And then, both new accesses have to be smoothed accordingly, so that these lower two shafts run through to the outside. Researchers interpreted the two-inch big metal thing also as a potential part of a star observing device...”

Why not?”

Well, the ancient Egyptians did observe the stars, but as said, I think the bronze hook will rather fit precisely into the outer bronze wire eyelets of the blocking stones. For that purpose, you'll have the double hook head installed on a long pole. Incidentally, two original rivets for attaching it to the rod, are even still there! The result is a long grappling hook that allows opening the lower shafts from the outside. To conduct this practically, you may want to reconstruct the hook to scale and interpret the rod sufficiently long, to reach the metal grommets and hook into them, in several yards distance from the outside. It's necessary to loosen the closure stones from their positions and to pull them out without jamming. That's what this double hook actually looks like. Exclusively for this purpose it was thought and made for. You can push and pull with it. You may take each one of the eyelets alternately, to easier loosen the little block. Once right.., once left, ...preferably with some patience and sensitivity. The original hook head from the museum would perhaps even stand the forces still, but who'd want to try it with the original? It was probably designed rather as a three-dimensional model, as a kind of a full-scale pattern because the builders had considered such an extreme period of time, in their planning. Only then the whole thing can make real sense! I know, how fantastic that sounds...”

Didn't you just say that the lower two shafts are closed outside and not somehow marked or so?”

That's right! Yet, the shafts will have to be extended accurately from the outside. This step will only enable the completion of the building and to make the way free for the ball to start rolling down. It was sealed to make people think about it and maybe also to avoid water running in there or animals. The granite ball will go in one of the two lower shafts. The opposite shaft is for another purpose. I have to put this aside, at the moment. I assume that the marble is meant to roll in the northern shaft where it was allegedly found because its course is bypassing a very high and long oblique room with a corbelled tapered cross-section. That space is called the Grand Gallery. The curves of the shaft, however, will break the run of the little stone ball, and this is very important as we will see, later on...”

What sort of metal grommets are you actually talking about, John?”

Oh, sorry! Right! I still have to explain that... UPUAUT, which means 'Opener of the Ways', was just the name the Germans gave to a small, soon famous little camera robot. It was extra designed for that research job. The project initiators might have suspected how close they could come toward the right solution. Two kinked wire ends, likely made of copper alloy or bronze, had been found on the front face of one of those blocking stones, in the lower shafts. A fragment, of one of the two visible wire ends at the inwards facing side of one of those closing blocks, was broken off due to corrosion, and dropped down. It was lying underneath, just a few inches. But it was not until fifteen years later, by drilling into the block and ushering an endoscopic snake camera of another team, come from Singapore, showing the eyelets evidently from the opposite side. Before that newer project came up, certain alternative ideas had been assuming electrodes in there... People were speculating about mysterious chambers behind it and a lot more... But those metal pieces are actually just simple wire loops, designed for a meeting with this long grappling hook, expected to come only in a far future from the outside. For nothing else were the blocking stones in the lower shafts, and the little hook, been made in this way... It's just waiting in there, to be pulled up and out.” John paused for a moment, showing and commenting pictures and videos of various robotic explorations of the shafts. “...The little stone ball in the Great Pyramid has obviously to be considered as a rolling marble. Only in connection with these inclined shafts, it all appears technically feasible and making sense. Of course, the big question is: Who in the world was piling up two and a half Million tons of partly inscrutably precise cut stone blocks, each weighing several tons? Why such an ultra-precisely set sophisticated square based artificial mountain? Its geographical position contains even the speed of light, although at that time neither the speed of light nor our geographical coordinate system existed in the treasure of knowledge of the late stone age people. All the insane effort just to use the whole thing as a giant marble track? A super toy for an otherworldly resurrected Pharaoh of the fourth dynasty?”

Ummmh... Yes.., perhaps..., why not? What do you think, John?” Elijah shrugged, then stretched his elbows.

Sarah nibbled on the final piece of a granola bar.

Let's see if mainstream scientists will then label it as a smart alert system of the builders or as a religious ritual, or so. That would probably become a next best interpretation, of the established experts, to downplay the whole matter before the public, despite that new light shed on the Dixon Relics. As a kind of precaution, you know? So that the milk can't boil over! But in reality, it's far more than just a stone ball telephone or a game of marbles! It's way bigger than that!”

Sarah and Elijah were sitting upright on the bed. Both had stopped eating, drinking or tapping around on their smartphones...

What do you mean by that, John?”

The pyramid is multi-functional. She was made to perform different things at the same time. Static functions as well as several dynamic features. However, there are serious implications involved for all of us. Some will probably have a hard sleep... Others will rejoice...”

Do you think it's kind of dangerous?”

Well, it mainly endangers our human pride! Besides that, it's nothing less than a key instrument to save biological life on Earth... including human life!”

Don't you lean out a bit too far, John?”

Occasionally, we've heard that the word 'Pyramid' has no known origin, but this is actually not exactly correct. It contains the Greek word 'Pyros' which means 'wheat'. Incidentally, it had been long assumed that the pyramids had been used as granaries. Some connected them with the famous story of Joseph from the Bible. Those who had to do with cereals in hot countries knew about the dreaded dust explosions... Here or there, fiery inflammation of flour or dry chaff could occur when the temperatures inside of the piles, became too hot. Probably, the term 'Pyrotechnics' originated there, for 'fireworks'. In several modern words, the root 'Pyro' underlies, often connected with 'fire', or 'firelight' or with 'fireworks'. However, the 'Pyramid' contains also the word 'Mete'. It means 'measure', 'scale' or 'dimension', 'allocation', 'division', 'border', 'sector', 'boundary line', 'limit', and more... With this in mind, we get throughout a first little hint that could perhaps indicate the planned purpose of the building; at least when we assume such early ancient traditions linked to the origin. With many geometric and numeric constants immortalized in the architecture, valid even today, with no doubt this monument is a symbol of exact measurement. Measurements, numerical values, or enumerations play a very important role in the Bible. Herein lies the initial key to full understanding. But besides all the numbers and geometries, the pyramid may also have something to do with fire, and this rolling ball of granite could throughout cause an ignition of inflammable substances when it is rolling down in one of the opened shafts. But for what kind of purpose was it meant to do that? And why were the lower shafts covered and sealed invisibly, already during their construction, for the thousands of years to come, so that they could have never been used before in the apparently envisaged sense?”

John! Hang on a second. How did you actually get it?”

I came across the rolling marble, as a firing lighter mechanism, by hypothetical reasoning about what a perfect planetary rescue device would take, to make it ever happen, to bring the expected critical average temperature, of earth's atmosphere and oceans, back to normal... To buy at least some extra time, allowing to restore the environmental living conditions on our planet. Finally based on fair, healthy and joyful economic principles. What we see at the moment, is a programmed growth of discomfort for the majority. Some say that it's an outright act of global suicide. And we are not just threatening our own species. Upsurging temperatures boost thermal convection of the air, causing ever more violent weather and other unwanted atmospheric effects. The unfortunate trend could be normally stopped by massive global reforestation campaigns and radical greenhouse gas reduction, without any further delay of action. But that would require fundamental green value concepts. Less and less centralized industries and utilities, instead of increasing economic activities in today's capitalist puff up style. The majority of the people would be better served to live in self-sufficient wooden zero-emission-houses with solar roofs and self-entertaining garden farms, amidst of reforested landscapes.”

Why is it now so that houses should be made of wood? What is there to say against bricks? Should we all live in log cabins, from today?” Sarah complained.

Bricks and tiles, you have to burn and to move more materials around, Honey!” explained Elijah. “There is much CO2 produced just from brick burning and from steel and concrete making.”

Oh, right! I see!” came back in a sleepy mode. “Log homes then... Cool.., why not..?”

Solar-melted and molded glass bricks are conceivable too. They could be produced from desert sand, in fully automated solar powered plants, getting ready-to-fit plug-in quartz blocks. Also stone is a great material when you learn to cut it like butter. Stone houses are safe, perhaps the best when you want extreme longevity. But for billions of people? Wood is a wonderful renewable building material. It has unmatched residential climate properties... And there are so many sorts of wood... Researchers discovered even clever ways to combine wood with lime, making it incombustible. Yes, that composite of stone and wood is fireproof, surpassing all our known certified building materials regarding strength and durability. It would be cheaper too! You could perhaps build mile-high skyscrapers with it... Worldwide reforestation programs would turn out to be the better solution. But right the opposite thing happens... Vast wildfires, often even intentional... Concrete, bricks, and steel are used for most construction, not only in industrial countries. That results in massive amounts of CO2 per home when you look at the maths...”

And how goes transportation in your Utopia world? How should the traffic work out, John?”

Perhaps a solar powered gyrocopter or an electric box-wing* motor glider is waiting on your doorstep... Even electric *VTOL commuter planes are in development... (*superimposed wings connected at the tips with an offset along the longitudinal axis resulting in superior aerodynamic properties and very compact plane dimensions, *Vertical Take Off and Landing) ...Improved car train systems, hyper loops, or even airship platforms in the sky could transport the people and goods and their vehicles, or freight-drones. And why not elevated railways with hanging trains for short distance transport? That wouldn't disturb nature so much. Less centralized supply chains... Less energy-intensive ways of manufacturing and trade...”

...John, why do you actually think that green societies could produce enough cultural life content and not just higher costs and higher overall efforts? Why wouldn't they provide less comfort as our swanky concrete-, steel- and glass-jungles in which we are rushing around like crazy little rats on ecstasy in a pinball machine? What do you expect at the end of the day when you compare your Utopia with our real world of today?”

Well, you know, the United Nations and the G20 could call out an international research project to define most nature-friendly and affordable ways of living and transport, in each of the countries. They could promote green energy, reward independent green inventors and impose international penalties for industrial pollution. They could use the funds for education programs, to support environmentally friendly technologies and to prevent social crises by ensuring education and fundamental requirements. Only then, fear and stress can not longer fuel all sorts of war and terror mongers. When people are happy and well supported, evil can't find followers. Organic home garden farming could obviate many detrimental industries. Imagine the people are living in their timber homes, growing their own food. Not driving around all the time, not endlessly sitting at desks, not buying throwaway stuff for the kids but having time for creating own games and toys... The begin of fun and freedom and of eco-friendly technologies...”

...I think, a worldwide U-turn will result in a run-up of immense losses to the elites and their stock-market economies. So many people would loose their jobs. A fundamental change could only be carried out when climate change is understood as evidently threatening vast parts of the population on the planet within a rather short period of time. A green direction is only an option when a recovery of nature environments and climate can be expected with certainty, as a direct outcome of such radical green politics. Though, when the positive effects are assumed after centuries? Mortals can't think or plan regarding such long-term periods. They want their toys and their fun now and for themselves, not for their future descendants!”

You said it. International politics is tailored for fast pace interests, to serve short-term thinker economies feeding mortal consumers. Arguments for immediate radical amendments, of existing technologies and markets, are just not strong enough when the desired positive effects take so inconceivably long. That leads to democratic frustration and carryover-behavior, protracting the historic reversal. Everybody is watching, but the big right decisions won't happen. We know what we should do, but we just can't do it.”

Do you really think, we can't do it?”

The only political hope is seen in a gradual social and technical adaptation to the rapidly changing conditions climate change will cause. '...Future technologies may hopefully equip the societies for a longer run, nearby bringing their finances back in order...' This is just about what many politicians think. Unfortunately, any nation demoralized by wars, storms, floods, wildfires, and famines, can hardly become an ideal ground for international green politics. Pitiless predatory wars for remaining resources, for water and food, will be rather expected, instead. A terrible imagination when you add the blind, stupid hatred that we are facing right now, in certain parts of the world. There's nothing left, but to search for alternative solutions. We may have to look for the right lever somewhere else, to survive on the planet. A hypothetical option, which is currently discussed in science forums, is an artificially enhanced reflection of solar infrared radiation, back into space. The accumulation of thermal energy, in earth's atmosphere and the oceans, should be reduced to normal ...if that's possible somehow...”

...Gosh, ...John! Are you serious? How do you want to do that? Certainly not with an ancient pyramid and a rolling ball of stone, or do you?” Sarah was afraid that an end of John's speech may come only later this week, if ever... “ But maybe,” she thought to herself, “...at least my leg may be healed then so that I can finally run away from here...”

Hypothetically, we just need to blow micro aluminum confetti into the higher layers of the atmosphere. One problem is that aluminum is partly chemically harmful, and undesirable side effects would occur when it comes down, sooner or later. Not to mention the astronomical costs and the technical and political impossibility to realize such unprecedented endeavor, of course! Environmentally friendlier, physically more effective and already since many decades in use for shielding solar heat radiation off from spacecraft, is the far more expensive gold. But how would you lift innumerable tons of gold up, in and beyond the atmosphere? Who could ever afford such a titanic challenge? At least, gold is quite efficiently covering huge surfaces, with very little mass. About a single gold coin is enough to gild a whole statue of a rider on his horse in life-size, completely! Though, if you want to carry it high into the sky, it would have to be vaporized somehow above the atmosphere, so that the gold atoms can spread out. You'd literally have to build a golden gas layer around the entire planet. The only way to prevent the global warming disaster, indeed! At least for the needed valuable operating time frame, yet allowing social and economic healing from our frantic human behavior. Deserts could be irrigated, desolated woodlands reforested and oceans and reservoirs possibly cleaned by further restorative interventions...”

How can you ever do this? I mean, that sounds like a job for Superman!”

...And he may need all his friends, to assist him!” was Elijah's supplement.

You'd have to bring the gold high and to vaporize it somehow in the near earth space. The costs would be hardly computable. No government would ever get a mandate or sufficient funding for it. The governments in charge would probably prefer to prepare for the downfall, rather building more bunkers for their elites than blowing their precious gold in the sky, in the truest sense of the word.”

Haha, this makes me laugh, John! Rich people would rather build a spacecraft to Mars, as to sacrifice their wealth for fixing our climate and ecosystems! Barely three hundred of the wealthiest individuals in the world have gained as much capital as the rest of all mankind! Who would persuade the club of billionaires or the lobbies of multimillionaires, to sponsor gold charges for the preservation of earth's climate, just to blast it high over our heads?! That's downright the opposite of the first economic principle! A cynical act when you consider it with worldly eyes. I mean, what an irony, to sacrifice that most precious fruit of human efforts for saving life habitats on earth while lifting it away from the surface of the planet. That's totally crazy, John, isn't it?”

It could only become possible when the ingrained aberration, of our prevailing social and economic lifestyles, can be debunked. After substantial public and secret debates, they may opt for renovating the building and then providing gold reserves for the IR shield, with or without a consent of the majority. There is only the question whether the knowledge of this true function of the ancient mysterious structure in Giza, and the need for its restoration, will be accepted at an international scope, or if they prefer to continue with their environmental and social self-destruction programs. Ironically, for the exact opposite of human craving, the Great Pyramid of Giza was once erected, to blow gold very high into the sky. A precious metal that extraterrestrial clans and mortal men had been feverishly mining, or robbing, and trading over all the millenniums. Up to this date, the financial system of our modern world runs largely on the basis of a historic gold rating system ...to back it up.”

...Though, certain governments avoided the Gold Standard. This way they can print more money...”

And you really think it's a machine, John? Seriously? A machine with a rolling ball of stone?”

Right! ...The Great Pyramid is a highly sophisticated apparatus for shooting with liquid gold, said in a nutshell. At least, this is her most important operational function. The upper two so-called air shafts act as very long gun barrels for propelling gold in the near earth space, powered by massive gas reactions in the so-called King's Chamber. Since these shafts are around one hundred and seventy feet long, the gold charges therein will be accelerated on that very long runway. Concerning such extreme long guns, ballistics are talking of a super cannon. Charges of gold have to be loaded into the two upper shafts. The expansion of an exploding gas mixture in the King's Chamber will cause a massive push impulse to drive the gold material forward and upward. At such extreme parameters, the exit velocity will be presumably high enough, to reach a low orbital trajectory in space or at least the outermost layers of the atmosphere. The gold will be long liquefied before reaching the exits. The friction heat will become too great, for the gold, to maintain a solid state of aggregation. The necessary exorbitant level of pressure is the true technical reason for those enormously sized red granite blocks and their extremely precise jointing, lining the King's Chamber. The ultra-hard rose granite blocks are almost microscopically connected with the neighboring stones. Some of them weigh dozens of tons. There is virtually no gap. You will not even get a piece of paper in between. The two shafts, rising from there, were solidly lined with limestone blocks. The inner course elements are linked and nested correspondingly massively, integrated into their backing. They can't shift or break away, during operation. The skyrocketing liquefied gold will leave a thick coating inside, on the surfaces of the shaft walls. That indispensable gilding layer, of the interior walls, may only allow the necessary extreme exit speed of the accelerated charges. We're talking of propelling one of the densest and heaviest materials, occurring in the universe, into the skies. The first batches go probably not quite as high as it is necessary for a stable IR shield, but the whole process will work probably frictionless, after a few initial firings. Perhaps it takes first a series of shootings with a special cement, in the beginning, to form the best possible tubular shape and to harden or polish the walls of the runs. When the subsequent gold coating of the shaft walls is thick enough, the surface friction of the liquefied charges will be significantly reduced.”

And how do you want to load it? There are only two access points for each shaft... If I got you right, or?”

That's a little tricky, Eli! You have to load the gold charges into the upper shafts; then you have to seal it with plaster or clay and then climb out quickly! Likely a delicate and dangerous task. You can't even walk upright, in these musty corridors. A rather elegant alternative way to load the upper two shafts is from the outside, based on the muzzle loader principle. The material will slip down without jamming, on the smoothly gilded shaft walls. But it must not come behind the kink because that could push the clay too far, or inside of the chamber. I'm sure that it can be done by letting down a simple string-bag. Lid opening can be triggered from above, with a second pull-line. First, a charge of clay is to be lowered gently... The string bag slips down easily on the gold layer or, for the first time, on liquid clay or so. When you pull the lid opener string, the bag will open and the heavy wet clay sticks in there, sealing the shafts at their kink section. The emptied bag will be pulled up, again. Next time you'll transfer the gold... It can be supplied in form of ingots or nuggets. As best with a fresh, clean bag, using that same method. Finally, a last portion of clay for the leading nose, you know, ...for the slipstream... To keep the gold gas on track. That's all! From now on, you just need to wait until enough gas has penetrated the chambers. In front of each charge a lump of clay runs ahead of the projectile stream. It's also for cooling the gold vapor inside of the aerodynamic slipstream, so that the metal can't evaporate too quickly, on its upward journey through the atmosphere. Clay or plaster has to act as a front and rear component for sealing. The system works roughly like a potato cannon! The frontal lump of clay gets shock-burned on the flight due to the immense drag and air resistance. The friction heat will get so intense that it will be causing the formation of plasma in the boundary layer. The leading nose of ceramics will provide a protective slipstream tunnel for the following gaseous gold trail. It's pushed by the denser subsequent gold melt. The air flow won't come in contact with the core of the gold gas, due to its multiple supersonic speed rate. The melted, then rapidly evaporating precious metal is trapped in a forced vacuum tunnel, safely caught from all sides. Only at the rear end of the tail, small amounts of the thinner distributed gold vapor may diffuse into the outside air, wherever it can penetrate the hot boundary layer. The gold makes up the biggest accelerated mass amongst the other components. Its extreme specific weight cares for a very good conservation of the kinetic energy. Despite the aerodynamic drag and the gravity, a low orbit, above the fifty-mile-high mesopause, might be in reach with such a long acceleration runway and with such an extreme kinetic impulse. This is how the gold shall occur in space, in the form of gas. It will be further heated up during its rapid skyward journey, and that means it will become an outright gold cloud when traversing the extreme thin outer layers of the atmosphere. It will continue to differ from the course, due to gravity, performing a ballistic parabola. Both antagonistic gold-gas-streams will eventually fly parallel to the global surface, though against each others course. The northern stream aims lower, and the southern stream ascents steeper. This comes from the different angles of the runs. Both streams will be swinging by, into a nearly stable orbit in space, towards the North, and towards the South. Once in orbit, the gold particles will collide with each other and due to increasing scatter, inevitably also with many manmade objects surrounding our planet...”

...Now, you're talking about the Kessler Syndrome, right?” Sarah knew the theory, from a space flight summer camp workshop.

...Exactly! Geo-orbital space objects will once grind each other down, producing ever more cascading collisions of scrap particles, bits, and pieces. Probably no one will be able to coordinate and control all those hundred thousands of objects, due to the sheer abundance of satellites and space junk flying around. Monitoring them is a great challenge for space operators, and it's extremely expensive. Spacecrafts are vulnerable to all sorts of disorders, or to solar storms... Again and again, we hear of runaway satellites in the media... So it's just a matter of time... Could happen now or in hundred years...”

But how can you know that the Gold will reach the required altitude?” Elijah wanted to know.

Certainly, the length of the shafts was scaled precisely for the necessary acceleration of the charges. A somewhat strange appearing minimal upward S-shaped curved course of the upper two shafts in the start section, right after the kink, will probably result in a better yield of kinetic energy from the impulse. A portion of the gold atoms will inevitably cross the orbital paths of the space scrap particles. The pyramid will literally gild the human space dust! Yes, here shows again the remarkable elegance and superiority of heaven! The Great Pyramid was made to interact with the expected failure of human orbital space exploration! The Kessler Syndrome is so to say the point on the I, to finalize the 'human elementary school' project. The physical Coriolis effect will eventually distribute ground dust particles and the Gold atoms, within and above the higher atmosphere, ultimately revolving them like a transparent halo around our entire planet. The night sky will be filled over and over with sparkling shooting stars. Jesus had prophesied that the stars would be falling from the skies. A prophecy that would normally make an astronomer smile. But it will happen. All what we humans did, in all those thousands of years, and all that we will do... He knew it! Yes, it is true what the ancients wrote about Him. He is omniscient. And He is a loving God. Beside His infinite intelligence, this is the proper answer why He is caring for us so special! His love! His divine love! He is our loving heavenly Father... As our Savior and King Jesus taught us about Him... We are not alone... and we are not meant to die, ...but to live!”

Oh my God! This is so amazing what you say! This is truly encouraging, John!”

Of course, a certain quantity of the gold atoms will be spread below the actual main IR shield in space. A part of the gold will also occur within high layers of Earth's atmosphere. The metallic gas shall eventually cover the entire earth, forming a protective transparent sphere until the gold shield will be dense enough, globally.”

And all that is propelled by gas reactions in these chambers? Are you really sure that the pressure can become so high?”

The King's Chamber and the Queen's Chamber below, are definitely conceivable as gas explosion chambers for countless firings. For that purpose was this extremely massive design performed. It's all made to withstand those enormous repetitive gas explosions. It will stand large periods of active and inactive phases, without affecting the integrity of the huge building. Herein, lies the true reason for this massive rock bed basement that is providing unprecedented static stability. Compared to ancient Egypt's average architecture, the Great Pyramid contains rather unusual design features, pointing beyond static necessities for resting, or solely passive purpose of this massive building. With the number of firings and the composition of the charges, their density, the achievable altitude and effectiveness of the shield can be precisely controlled. It represents alien technology, in that peculiar megalithic look, what so many alternative researchers had always been suspecting...”

...Jooohn!... Gosh, that is... incredible! That's beyond what I've ever heard of!”

...Since the significance of that particular ancient structure is literally earth-shattering, it had shocked me too, of course. However, the intended purpose of the Giza facility did never take place in the past! It was definitely designed and built solely for a far distant future! The initially apparently empty monument, explains the sealing of the lower bays inside and the hermetic limestone coating on the outside, only in this light. You see, it had once been covered with polished white limestone blocks. Until early medieval times, it was possibly even waterproof!”

John, if I wouldn't know you for so long, I'd be worried about your mind. But I remember the time when we were high school students... Once, we'd built a catapult. We'd fired windfall apples on a barn door of our neighbor's farm, until it hit then one of his chickens...” Elijah told grinning. “As a punishment, we had then to clean his chicken coop and to collect the eggs for a full week long.”

Occupational hazards,” came from John, dryly.

Sarah shook her head slowly in distaste. But she also had to grin.

It was then the Abbasid Caliph Al Ma'mun and his intrepid men from Orient around 820 AD... They blew up and chopped a hole through the massive limestone blocks, nearly gave up, but were then encouraged by the noise of a little falling rock in the interior. With their utmost efforts, they'd made it enter the gleaming white seamlessly sealed super monument. That man made access is used by countless tourists, still today. The higher elevated, slightly offset original entrance is blocked by titanic stone monoliths. When the outer facade was still intact, no one knew about the real entrance point. It was hidden under perfectly connected, smoothly polished white cover stones. The real entrance was hence completely invisible from the outside, obviously during several thousand years! It was a miracle that Al Ma'mun went in at a point just yards from the true entrance...”

...And what did the people think about it, in ancient times? Did they consider it as a divine building or as a tomb of a long deceased ruler? I mean, are there any legends or alternative chronicles that could perhaps confirm your fancy gold blaster theory?”

Classic interpretations ranged from the Biblical granaries of Egypt to the ever popular Pharaoh tombs... Some thought of secret libraries... In our days, certain authors added space age power plants or even science fiction ray guns. This idea may raise your eyebrows but in fact, it comes rather close to the truth. You notice a never ending helplessness of scientific scholars, of all epochs and faculties, who just couldn't find a satisfying explanation. The enigma remained until today. Although, it's eloquently downplayed by the professionals. The familiar concept of tombs and soul shafts has been repeated like a mantra prayer. Alternative researchers pointed on so many details, indicating superior building technologies. Nearby, in the famous Valley Temple, certain joints of massive granite blocks occur, showing literally no gap. You can see that the section line was not made by a saw or so. The microscopic stone structure is not even interrupted! And that means it was originally one compact stone! Yet, the straight cutting line is clearly there, definitely going through! However, the microstructure of the granite material is not offset or so. We could not do this, without any loss of material, not even with a laser device. No question, the meaning of indisputable evidence of alien technology, from times of antiquity, would influence modern day politics, worldwide. Only a not yet found or unaccepted evidence isn't disturbing business and politics 'as usual' too much. The concept that the bible has something to do with all of this is very old, but it was ever hard to put it to the fact check. Nobody can build a real spaceship, such as Ezekiel might have seen and described. So far, it all remained a theory. Giza and Isaiah 19 puts everything upside down.”

OK, John. Got it... But how can you proof all the technical connections?”

The active commissioning of the Great Pyramid, as it was intended by the inventor, didn't take place until this date! This is my key thesis. At the most, a couple of single test runs with weak explosions, right after the completion of the building, maybe... Perhaps to test stability or to measure vibrations inside. In the King's Chamber, for instance, single crack damages occurred in certain stone beams on the ceiling. Some unusual dark stains are there, traces of soot also. Scientists see earthquakes as the primary cause of such cracks. But most of the structure is in too good condition to support this idea. A couple of explosions could have happened in advance, for measuring the solidity or the achievable gas pressure, or whether any of the stone blocks could move or not. Maybe, those single cracks are meant to learn even to consider them as little hints. Consciously left there, you know? ...to boost the discovery of the actually intended purpose, but only in a very far future! I mean a future that could be throughout very close to our present time!”

What?! Whaaat?!

I know. That sounds absolutely nuts, but it could be possible. Larger cracks of the blocks can normally hardly occur from tremendous explosions in those chambers since only a few individual blocks are affected, inside. They could be easily glued with special cement injection technologies, now available, but only in our modern time! So the cracks are not a big problem. Without a doubt, a durable repair would be technically possible today, with modern tools. The building can be considered as largely intact, inside, or at least it could be refurbished, once the subsequent trenches and tunnels of explorers from past centuries are filled and resealed. At the top end of the Grand Gallery is such a narrow access tunnel from pioneer discoverers. It leads to the famous five relief chambers. They are stapled directly on top of the King's Chamber. With the new explosion chamber theory in mind, these so-called relief or compensation chambers appear statically and technically making real sense, for the first time. For a steady static system they would be completely unnecessary! That was incidentally noticed by several professional construction experts. Static pressure from above can't flow out softly, but it amplifies the forces right at the support points, where those massive stone beams are resting on stone ledges. A passive structure would rather suffer a reduction of static stability with such a feature, compared to a hypothetical massive design variant. It would never make it more stable, as some researchers claimed. Only with thanks to the perfection of the entire static system, these five relief chambers appear safely supported while enduring such vast spaces of time. They would've been unlikely designed for a purely passive mode, in that way. The complexity of that engineering job is documenting exorbitant levels of architectural skills. The ancient builders could be teaching construction, statics, and architecture at our best universities, today...”

And what do you think? For what are those stacked chambers, in your opinion, John?”

The King's Chamber will contain compressed hydrogen gas, methane, other light gases and air. Also some water in the sarcophagus, a huge stone box, will be splashing and steaming up and expand due to the immediate pressure and heat. The pressure will increase far beyond the initial Queen's Chamber reaction. That's due to a clever prepared piston roller sled compressor system in the Grand Gallery. A sequence of five further explosions in those relief chambers will occur, in the form of a cascade of successive firings. These additional domino-like explosions are starting with the ignition in the King's Chamber. All that extra banging, within a fraction of a second, will let the expansion of gases rising far beyond the initial reaction in the Queen's Chamber. You won't find those typical extreme narrow joints of the ceiling beams, like on the walls and the floor of the King's Chamber. Now it's becoming clear why this is. It's to allow the gas penetrating in there, but not too fast!”

Do you really think that gas explosions are powerful enough to propel the heavy gold so high?”

...The sudden change of pressure at the contact points will cause electric sparking like with a flint stone. The forces will be distributed to countless contact points and thus to the quartz particles in the stone. The initial pressure impulse of the main chamber explosion is not reduced while the gold charges haven't yet left their start position, in the shafts. But on the contrary! The pushing pressure is growing and growing while the charges weren't yet moved by the initial bang reaction due to the tough consistency of the clay gluing. The pressure lifts the temperature what will make the water steaming up. Only then, at some critical point, the charges may be finally released. Vibration, plus the exponentially rising pressure will, at some point, loosen the clay sealing. It all happens within a second. That's superhuman technology. That was never ever conceived so by mortal human masons! Not even a whole bunch of modern spacecraft engineers would come on this, normally.”

Impressive!” Elijah marveled. “And you believe that the whole thing would really work today, just so? Is that stone material yet stable enough, after all those many thousands of years?”

You can tell that the Great Pyramid has achieved her victory over time, considering the forces and powers, which sought to destroy her. Yes, Eli!”

John, there's still a tiny insignificant problem that comes to my mind... Who should actually make his gold available for shooting it up into the sky?” Sarah wanted to know. “...And what would the Egyptian authorities say when smart people, like you, want to save the world by using their beloved pyramid, by nearly blowing up the greatest ancient monument of all time? Couldn't a gold shooter machine like this be reconstructed somehow by modern means or maybe simply drilled into a mountain or so?”

I think, we could just so recreate it with modern techniques and insane amounts of money, but it would remain a huge engineering challenge and logistic effort... so that we could hardly solve it in time. With all the money in the world perhaps not! We don't even know, for how long the system will have to work. There could be years of incessant operation required, to build up a sufficient gold screen and to maintain it long enough in orbit. You need a minimum of global political unity about it, or it won't ever happen. All the nations and all the rich and powerful people could probably achieve that, all together. But a world system, estranged and competing as we see it at the moment, is likely not making it...”

...This would also require a higher grade of religious unity about how to evaluate the Bible and her prophecies in the harsh landscape of crises-shaken world politics. This is fundamentally banned with the most constitutions of our modern nations who strictly separate religion and politics. That is what many want to keep so because of all the terrible mistakes and crimes in the past, now and then. Actually understandable. Unfortunately, the absolute wrong conclusion. With Isaiah 19, we have to learn that there is Someone who saves us from ourselves. He wants us to believe.”

But secularism is for a good reason!”

...And therefore, a scientific confirmation of the real meaning of Giza could perhaps help the great hope to come through, yet before the Christ returns to judge the nations and to heal the people and nature on earth. Though, an antique climate cooling machine to back up survival on Earth? That's not something they'd buy so swiftly... Our autonomy consciousness would be gone.”

...Such a super important purpose-built structure had probably never been constructed, in any of the human eras, before. Perhaps on other planets in the deep space, but likely not here.”

...Even when the true meaning of the monument could be disclosed and eventually accepted, we can't normally expect that the Nations will voluntarily spend their gold reserves into space, to save us from the consequences of global warming. With the public awareness of the real intentions of the builders from antiquity, intense debates among climatologists and physicists will be to expect, in order to attribute all this right and to develop a realistic interpretation. Such studies devour millions, just for computer simulations and scenarios to calculate the influences of the IR shield on earth's future climate. Legions of scientists from around the world might be occupied with thorough evaluation, renovation, and upgrading. Testing and measurement campaigns will be conducted. The entire Giza Plateau will become a hermetically sealed playground for military and aerospace technicians, ballistics and material scientists, thermodynamics, chemists, structural engineers, stonemasons, architects, logistics and swarms of indignant archaeologists and Egyptologists who would feel robbed of their beloved royal tomb...”

...That suddenly becomes an alien artifact, in front of their eyes. Exciting times, I could imagine...”

You're right, Eli!”

My goodness, John, that's unbelievable! Just think of your responsibility, if that's really true what you're telling us!“, Sarah was holding Elijah's arm tightly, her head on his shoulder.

Well, the three of us, from now on,” John corrected her, “...since no one else knows it yet...”

Where should actually the explosive substances in the building come from?”

Methane and hydrogen, obtained from pyrolysis or fermentation of organic substances, likely generated in the lowest room, in the so-called Rock Chamber. Perhaps in connection with smoldering sulfur; ...one of the reasons why this room looks rough and unfinished. Beauty is the last thing what is required in there. The generated gases will rise within the building. When it has filled the ignition chambers, it will be ready to react with the oxygen in the air. The reaction produces water vapor and moistens the walls of the chambers. That will help to prevent cracking damage due to the severe thermal stress. During the cooling phase, it has to be reloaded, and when enough gas has inflated the chambers, it can shoot again...”

You really think, it can stand loads of many firing processes?”

Most certainly! The opening of the northern original megalithic access gate will allow closing the old access from middle ages, which will presumably have to be walled up. The pyramid will be ventilated through the shafts, just like half open valves. Maybe, the operation has to be maintained on a daily basis, for years, perhaps for decades or longer, to get up the IR shield covering the whole planet. The heavy gold atoms will fall back down, after some time. Now and then, they may collide with other particles, gradually reducing their initial kinetic energy. The more the orbital gold concentration accumulates, the bigger will be the rate of particle collision. After certain periods of time, Earth shall receive all her gold back again. It will be released into the rivers and streams. It will blend with the soil of the surface and solute in the oceans. With yet unknown technologies, it can certainly be recovered in the future, or simply washed out of the river beds. And even there, it will increase the overall reflection of infrared radiation for some time, as long as it occurs facing skyward. So these particles aren't useless when they're sinking down. This is an important aspect to understand the Great Pyramid. She also sprinkles gold on the ground, not only in the skies! It's not just about a sky of gold, but also a rain of gold, literally speaking!”

Hmm..., as long as the gold lives in vaults or safes, it's of course not fighting global warming at all...”

Right, Sarah!”

Then, huge amounts of gold will be needed, to build up that shield and to maintain it,” she mused. “Where do you get all these amounts of gold from? Who would ever want to donate so much gold, just for shooting it into space?”

Honey, it's about survival on the planet! They'll have no other choice, then,” Elijah shortened, sounding a bit like a bored teacher...

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            On behalf of all the editors of Sky & Telescope, I am pleased to announce that among the items featured in “Hot New Products for 2009” 

            is your 12-inch LiteScope.  

            I continue to be amazed at the remarkable innovations coming from astronomical vendors, both those long established and those never to the 


            There is a tremendous amount of creativity and cleverness being displayed, all backed by a fervent devotion to making the sky more accessible 

            and enjoyable for astronomy enthusiasts at all levels. It is truly inspiring. Thank you for all your efforts, and my heartiest congratulations on your

            inclusion in this year’s selection of Hot Products!

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Hello Vivian!

Thanks so much for your email and the great work you are doing!

All good things

Jason Kessler  / Executive

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Hi Vivian,

This is a great product!

Pedro Russo
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Hi Vivian,

Congratulation on the Hot Products. 

Thank you for producing a great telescope.  I could tell from your early designs that you would eventually make a real winner.
I appreciate that someone finally came up with a truly portable telescope. 
Thank you for your kind words in your "about" section.

I recently built a very simple style flying telescope by taking as many part from a classic Dobsonian and putting it in a carry on home built case. 
take care and best wishes

Greg Babcock
From First Sight to First Light - A new Love Affair for Astronomers?

Firstly may I say thank you for sharing your wonderful telescope design with us. It was an absorbing and uplifting experience for us both!
As you know Brian and I have strong connections with astronomy through Cambridge Astronomical Association and through our own life interest.
We are both passionate and deeply committed to our subject.
Also we both regularly make and use telescopes of all types – from those found in professional observatories to some of the finest amateur instruments available.

Our CAA connections also make us most aware of the needs and issues faced by those beginning astronomy and of those who choose to pursue
astronomy at a semi professional level.

With this experience in mind I can say that I have never seen such an elegant and technically sophisticated solution to Newtonian telescope manufacture as you have achieved with this latest creation. I have personally researched the leading edge of amateur designs over many years.
I know this is where technical excellence and innovation is often to be found. Based on this research I believe you have a superior instrument which is at vanguard of present possibilities given the technology available.

You are to be greatly congratulated. It is a superbly practical piece of art and also a fantastic scientific instrument. So as we say in England – I take my hat of to you!

We were greatly impressed by the following features:

The elegant and simple minimalist construction techniques
The appropriate use of modern technology
Excellent potential for scalability of size
The extraordinary and beautiful aesthetics of the design
A wonderfully low overall weight
Fantastic build and optical quality
The extreme elegance of the design geometry

I believe real practical benefits for owners of this telescope will result

Superb ease of use (the scope you use most is the easiest one to use!)
Fantastic portability. This is critically important to modern Astronomers  
Wonderfully low weight. No problem for air travel to dark skies here
Simple to assemble and easy to use. This scope welcomes the newcomer!!!
Large aperture. For extreme versatility and deep sky capability
Fits the modern lifestyle. Easy storage and transport, used by all the family

In conclusion let me say you have made a thing of great beauty in this instrument. It has beauty of purpose and of construction. You will know that
astronomers often fall somewhat in love with the instruments that connect them so fundamentally with the Universe. Keen observers own many scopes
and are eager to share their knowledge with others. They consider this a wonderful if not beautiful experience. In this sense you have a product which
is easy to love. I predict this product will have passionate Champions!

I hope you are able to protect your design and find in this special place which is Cambridge those who can help you bring this design to the market.
Those who do help will help not only you, but generations of astronomers to come. Those who understand their shared duty in helping humankind
know our wonderful planet and its greater place in the space environment.

From our life experience, including many years in design and manufacture, we know that there is a long way to go before you can sell the scope
commercially. Your determination so far, working with limited resources, shows you have the passion and will to succeed.

If there is any way in which I can further assist your endeavours please let me know and I will do all I can to make help available.

To further indicate the level of belief I have in your future success please let me be the first to order one of you production telescopes when they become available. 

Again many thanks and our very best regards,

Barry Crellin ( and on behalf of Brian Lister)

Cambridge Astronomical Association

"... I am amazed at how stable the scope is for such a lightweight structure.
Vibrations damp very quickly after movement, and collimation holds effectively.
My only concern is that azimuth motion is slightly sticky with the additional
counterbalance. I may need to add some lubrication to the azimuth surface.
The optics are very good. I have had excellent images even in fairly bright
suburban skies. I look forward to taking it to a truly dark site. Coma is
minimal despite the fast focal ratio. I have not need to use a Paracorr yet.
Setup and takedown are becoming very easy now that I have had practice. 

I must congratulate you on the brilliant design. My observing companions are going to
be very impressed when I show up at the next star party with this scope in the
backpack. Based only on some e-mail discussions, I have already been asked to
write a short article about it for the Minnesota Astronomical Society newsletter
this fall. 
Overall, I am very impressed with the instrument. You have done an excellent
job designing and building it.

Cort Sylvester / Minneapolis - Minnesota USA


I just got back from the Winter Star Party 2010 in Florida and using the Mountain 12".  My simple summary is fantastic, excellent, superb.  I had the best time using this scope and found its performance to be outstanding.  I assumed with a travel scope this light and simple, there would be compromises and performance would be tolerable to trade off on its transportability.  It turned out to be much, much better than just tolerable.  It performed really well and was so much fun.  I will write up a full impression later and send it to you and am planning to do a review for Cloudy Nights if that is OK with you. 

I had no problem with the pole assembly and everything else worked perfectly.  Easy to put together and take apart after I had done it once.  I used the Ethos 8, 13, 17 and they were perfect.  Very easy to travel with.  

If the 16 works as good as the 12, then I will be so pleased.  


Doug Dolginow, Maryland USA  
I was amazed how stable it was in the wind. It hardly wiggled at all...

The scope has really proved itself and I am very happy with it! Again, thanks so much for all your help and understanding. You have made this 70 year old lady very happy.

Susan Girard, Hawaii USA    Member of the Hawaiian Astronomical Society
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