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So good to see that the future of mobility comes not mainly from billion dollar stockmarket industries

Below is the 11th chapter of my utopia A TIME Of GOLDEN SKIES, a Christian adventure tale towards a lovable future on earth (and beyond), after a prophesied change of power. A glorious King shall come with the 'clouds of heaven'. This announcement is to find in something like a 'bottle mail' that came from the ancient time and made it on the bestseller bookshelves of our modern age. It contains not the call for help of a stranded sender, but the call for faith in an enigmatically unrealistic sounding promise: ETERNAL LIFE. Guess, no such 'product' has been patented, yet, by the pharmaceutical biotech industry. Currently, it is not on sale. And right now, it seems not a marketing friendly concept because nutritional problems, diseases, death, need, and greed make far more money than a planet of happy healthy people flying around on green energy, to play with things of bamboo and Carbon Fiber, taking green tea, almond milk, home-grown vegetables, tofu and cereals for dinner before caressing wild animals on an evening visit to their organic garden pool landscapes in front of their beautiful timber homes. So, there is no financial reason to give up on the hasty world and concentrate on the next one. But, there are other reasons to do it.

...The Giants had arranged a further excursion, nearby conveying more overwhelming impressions to their guests and warm friendships with the inhabitants of the Moon. Long discussions concerning the technical processes and details of reproducing all those life forms, dormant in hyper-virtual field crystal records during such an unimaginable long time. Meanwhile, it had become a subject of attention, all over the solar system... A first reconstruction campaign of certain microorganisms had to be launched as soon as possible, to conduct a first aid fixing of the oceans. Too much oil and chemical residues were in the seas now, so that yet existent microorganisms could not regenerate it anymore. Onshore, fresh flora and fauna had to be reintegrated, stepwise, carefully adapting to the new conditions, as soon as the soil, water, and the air had been cleaned.

New food chain networks had to be installed in a meaningful sequence. A task of highest complexity that only the Hosts of Creation could master under the Lord's directive. First delegations of the majestic creation fleet had entered the outer solar system.

Of course, newer scans, of all those lost species on earth, could have simply been printed out to have them just back, again. However, this process would have been not quite a genuine renewal, just a repetition or a mere repair of a profaned fallen world. The human beings had destroyed their habitats, at the end of the day. They had destroyed their livelihood, their trees, plants, and animals. They had polluted their air and water. They had to bear the losses, forever. Their broken gift of creation was engraved in the eternal Empire Memorandum and it had become a sad chapter of the space history of the Local Group. For this reason, brand new species had to be integrated into the now almost lifeless ecosystems. The grace of the renewal of life was associated with the undeserved gift of an entirely new precondition, the pardoned human, the 'Homo Sapiens Misericors', a new compassionate race, a kind and caring class of human beings, reloaded with love and with joy in their hearts. This particular process stood in the center of the healing plan for His beloved, once, blue world of abundant life that had been prepared for the inhabitants. Jesus was about to open the entrance gate for them. He had called them into His Kingdom, to understand and enjoy the essence of divine love in its fullest beauty and truth. The people were to receive their lost life back, and repaired. The Holy Spirit helped them mutating into an entirely new species. They became a breed of merciful and wise beings. They became His global New Israel, His fine inheritance, the purified property of the Son of Man.

Those extremely old Cambrian data records, concealed in crystalline media archives, clever deposited by the biologists of the primordial Shiizooaheg, were eventually found. But how to transfer them into the modern standard atomic memory recreation systems? Not even the Hosts of Creation had done such thing before. It had become a special project of paramount importance. There was no option of failure, but many different issues to tackle at the same time. Was this the prelude to the death of the death? Can the human race still attain a spot in the future of the universe? Or was it all lost?

Seoheg Lii was not a biologist, though, she was able to describe to the museum managers and scientists, at which place in the ship the algorithmic keys of the bio archives, possibly even passenger data memory sets, had been stored back at that time. Those rooms were then located. Deep inside of the Ark, specifically protected, cleverly camouflaged with secret walls. Eventually, the yet readable data storage systems had been discovered and retrieved. The chambers had been located in a partially dilapidated area near the torn hull stern that had never been made accessible for the visitors, normally not even for the scientists. Just a few active nature pictures were to see in these corridors and rooms. Spatially depicted animals were staring grimly at the visitors, strangely, expectantly. Some were growling menacingly. Big cats with huge fangs tore their mouths and hissed deprecatingly at the slowly approaching hovering scientists, the Giants, and their human guests.

The multimedia system was still running on that unknown energy, playing its wildlife show, even when no one was physically present inside of the shipwreck. But those quiet moments around and in the Space Ark were rare now. Countless researchers were hurrying in, from within eight thousand light-years, to witness the miracle gallery with their own senses and instruments. Their shuttle ships were parking in the neighbor craters of the meanwhile overcrowded Museum Bay. More and more trans-portal-connector-rings and space cruisers assembled in a stationary position, yet in a respectful distance to the vanguard ships of the majestic Hosts of Creation. Host fleets carrying countless educators, plenty of technical instructors, comforters, scientific explainers and cultural consultants. Teaching cooks and farmers were on their way to help the hungry and the helpless, and to show them how to farm natural food and how to cook it, together with neighbors and friends. Without any automated industries or chemical additives, without fancy cardboard boxes or petroleum-based plastic cups and bags. 

The flurry of incoming ships in the solar system became a 'junction' of life, a reflection of the eternal victory of the cross. The way of death was literally crossed. Yes! True life was on the eternal journey to planet earth.

The primordial cultures of the time of Seoheg Lii, and also their ritual forms of worship, appeared surprisingly similar to certain traditions of the humans, and other races within several Local Group galaxies. That had triggered friendships among the now encountering races. They had heard of Seoheg Lii's miraculous awakening. Many of them agreed to join the renovation works of the battered planet of the humans, following His eternal call and invitation, to fill His universe with life and love; with justice and wisdom, with joy, charity, and with vibrant diversity. 

Bursts of exploding supernovae, an ubiquitous hazard in the world of the Shiizooaheg, had repeatedly caused severe damages in the exposed life zones of the home world of Seoheg Lii. Due to this constant threat from space, major wars had never occurred. Significant internal conflicts among civil associations or states were unknown. Occasional economic disputes, well, maybe. Or a travel restriction could have been imposed here or there. Great insurrections, though, had rarely happened. Never had there appeared such an epidemic lovelessness and boundless haste. Never such unrest, disunity, brutalization, fanaticism and materialism like it was spreading over this once blue bliss planet, like an escalating blatant vulgarity among drunken ball game fanatics.

The comforting Spirit and the bursting stars had 'welded' the Shiizooaheg together. Although, the term 'welded' may sound a bit sarcastic perhaps. However, tremendous blessings had been poured over this loyal ancient race that was courageously traveling to various areas of the Local Group, to find new land. The Shiizooaheg were meant to endure and to move to many planets to settle. Their influence was ranging deep into the eons to come. The virtual collection of living beings and plants was now about to become the very foundation, meant to replace the devastated life ground of the fallen Adamic race who had turned their attention to Jesus.

It had become an imperative agenda, back in the eon of the Shiizooaheg, to stand by and look out for those critical moments. They would move to their prepared underground dwellings, without delay, immediately leaving their houses on the surface, whenever the astronomers gave a gamma alert. It could then take weeks, or even years of waiting. You could never predict if, or when the radiation of a dreaded stellar explosion might arrive, and whether the deadly gamma jet would then beam right towards their home world or pass it without any consequences. Herein were the reasons to find why the Shiizooaheg had mastered gene sequencing and life data archiving. They had perfected the art of cell replication based on limited technical resources at hand. From time to time, they had to bring their entire organic life realm into secure underground storage systems to survive the gamma-ray bursts, avoiding permanent loss of species. They had heavily invested in astronomy and astrophysics and in space exploration. It brought them a technology that was using even the cosmic radiation for energy recovery. Hardships and dangers in their irregular shaped home galaxy had led the People's Council to vote for the endeavor of constructing an armada of Escape Ships. Large referendums and public worship campaigns accompanied the systematic evacuation of major sections of the population. The missions had been launched to find suitable prospective life worlds in the outer spiral arms of the larger habitable zones within a major regular sister galaxy. Telescopic exploration campaigns promised long-term settlement opportunities in over thousand-two-hundred fresh solar systems. Centuries of praying an collecting for the engineers who were building the Escape Ships with greatest elegance, in design and detail. The propulsion was accomplished by two, each other leveraging fusion processes. Supra conducting materials that needed no extra cooling, were long known to the Shiizooaheg. The Stellarator units had been manufactured from ultra-conductive 3D graphene, from silica carbide, copper-diamond connections and nanotube composite materials, to save weight, hence allowing sufficient acceleration. At the same time, the ships had to be shielded from cosmic radiation. A mix of organic, ceramic and metallic composite materials was used for the inner structures and also for the sandwich construction of the hulls. Honeycomb tanks were filled with frozen water. They had learned to use considerable portions of the bolometric* radiation for energy recovery, and to read the radiation so that entire ships were able functioning as gigantic aperture synthesis space telescopes. The network data of the diverging Escape Fleets allowed them to undertake ultra-high-resolution imaging and in-depth research of the destination planets, and their potential conditions for optional terra-forming projects. (*Entire spectrum of electromagnetic radiation or a radiation source)

“...We had achieved almost two-third of the speed of light,” remembered Seoheg Lii, “...when we reversed the direction of the drives to decelerate the ride. Life on board was fairly comfortable. Everything was at hand, though, particle collision was an issue, from time to time. Not even the deepest space was completely empty. The view at the young Milky Way was breathtaking! I used to spend my free time on the recreational viewing decks, listening to the music. Sometimes we played spinball with friends, or we were diving in the zero gravity pools. All in all, it was an elegiac time, almost a romantic time. Most of us were met with optimism and expectancy...”

Seoheg Lii was talking to nearly three hundred attendees, sitting at the extended tree tables. This time, the tables had been arranged in the form of an arena. Interviews with curious journalists of the Ikurenes would follow.

Leaving our home-world was actually not so hard, but moving faster and faster away from home, was then depressing sometimes. Yes, we've experienced also a few sad moments on our trip. Though, our beloved ones were fortunately with us. Our faith into a better future and our relationship with God saved us the joy and the peace, to outlast the long time while floating through the intergalactic space...” Seoheg Lii had got a bit hoarse voice. She had been talking throughout the day, besieged by questioners, most of the time. Soon, she made many fans among the Giants and the air show people. Moona Lisa had to notice that rather few were interested in her most unusual life story, even though she had been confused with the star for several times. It let to funny small talk, producing extra sympathy and friendship. The Giants did all they could, to care for their guests on board, to meet every of their needs. Moona Lisa's sons were playing persistently in the park with the kids of the Giants. Green gardens had been totally unknown to them. Jack was always around looking after them. His marriage with the EBE had forced him to commit for a permanent life in the underground facility. He had not got poison implants, but his clearance for the higher decks had become invalid, forever. This was the price he had to pay for his love to the EBE. But he had never regret it. The prison door had been suddenly unlocked, by an unexpected bright ray of hope. Now it was all about a best possible transition, for the benefit of the humans and their future on Earth. However, the time had become mature for Elijah and his fiancée, for Moses and Andy, to prepare for their declaration to the UN Council in New York. All of them learned the speech by heart, even when just Elijah would normally perform the most of it. They had to be prepared for the unpredictable. John helped with his writing skills, to create the utmost important speech to the nations of the world. Surprisingly, it became not so very long in the end. Also, the Giants were eventually OK with it.

John's presence on board several different spaceships, had allowed him to encounter with diverse forms of intelligent life. He felt it was nearly impossible to ever tell that to a fellow human. He suffered so to speak from the frustration of a prophet who had seen the wonders of Heaven. How could he ever tell that to the people of little faith? How to describe all that to someone who is predominantly interested in football scores, better pay or better shopping? Not even boldest science fiction could credibly convey what John and his friends had experienced. Severe social effects were to expect. More significant as the discoveries of Galileo or Newton in their times. Nothing would remain the same. Almost everything would lose its validity and legitimacy. Commercial laws, politics, civil rules, even competitive sports would have to be confronted with new paradigms and unexpected ethical questions.

The transition could take us a long way to go,” John mused with an undertone of discouragement. “Can an adult understand it? The kids will get it certainly easier.”

Lara stepped back into the conversation: “...The upcoming extreme weather events will help them taking note of the pyramid, sooner or later. In your time plane, it will be rather possible to tell her secrets. The alarming earth's climate condition should help to understand her true functional purpose. They know that a potential polarity reversal of the magnetic earth field will weaken the protection against the cosmic radiation, for a  certain time in the future. For tackling such catastrophic events, the Great Pyramid was created, as well. Her shield of gold can replace or reinforce the protective function of the impaired Van Allen Belt*, to overcome a failing magnetic field. The Great Pyramid allows a tunable temporary replacement of the natural radiation protection system of the earth.” (* Magnetic field structure of the earth)

The leaders of your trade economies will squirm before they let their precious metals go. At some point, however, when the ultimate connections aren't longer debatable, they will likely try to proceed with a 'greatest polluter pays most' principle, to get the biggest polluters deliver the greatest amounts of gold, or so. Then again, their endless litigations to expect...”

How many charges ever required - the material has to be completed and made available in time, not held back. Appropriate quotas shall be allocated for arts, industry, and jewelry. This amount can be neglected. It has just not to be used as a means of payment, exchange, or to backup any loans or so...”

...They will never take the whole thing seriously, let alone to follow such claims or requirements!” Sarah burst in between.

Elijah came up with a sarcastic parable: “Imagine, you want to prove the legend of Santa Claus to the General Assembly of the UN, having him knocking on their door, and then asking for water and straw for his reindeer. Santa would then probably ask the Members of the General Assembly for generous donations and gifts for all the impoverished children in the world who suffer from this corruptible economy concept, from social exclusion and from all those cruel wars. Most of them would probably think it's just a provocative political protest gag... A hypothetical Santa Claus evidence would not have the slightest trace of a chance to get international attention. Not even when Santa Claus would really exist!”

...But they might rather believe in Santa Claus as in the allegation that the Great Pyramid is a divine global climate rescue machine!” Sarah moaned.

“...Could be an appropriate diplomatic challenge for a bunch of air show buddies, don't you think so?”

The Giants performed an old Christmas carol of the earthlings: 'Silent Night, Holy Night'. They sang it in the language of Heaven...


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  Friendly voices for the NEW
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            Dear Vivian: 

            On behalf of all the editors of Sky & Telescope, I am pleased to announce that among the items featured in “Hot New Products for 2009” 

            is your 12-inch LiteScope.  

            I continue to be amazed at the remarkable innovations coming from astronomical vendors, both those long established and those never to the 


            There is a tremendous amount of creativity and cleverness being displayed, all backed by a fervent devotion to making the sky more accessible 

            and enjoyable for astronomy enthusiasts at all levels. It is truly inspiring. Thank you for all your efforts, and my heartiest congratulations on your

            inclusion in this year’s selection of Hot Products!

Sincerely yours,        
                  Robert Naye

Hello Vivian!

Thanks so much for your email and the great work you are doing!

All good things

Jason Kessler  / Executive

Asteroid Grand Challenge 
Hi Vivian,

This is a great product!

Pedro Russo
International Year of Astronomy 2009 Coordinator
International Astronomical Union
w. www.astronomy2009.org
a. IAU IYA2009 Secretariat
Karl-Schwarzschild-Strasse 2
D-85748 Garching bei München

Hi Vivian,

Congratulation on the Hot Products. 

Thank you for producing a great telescope.  I could tell from your early designs that you would eventually make a real winner.
I appreciate that someone finally came up with a truly portable telescope. 
Thank you for your kind words in your "about" section.

I recently built a very simple style flying telescope by taking as many part from a classic Dobsonian and putting it in a carry on home built case. 
take care and best wishes

Greg Babcock
From First Sight to First Light - A new Love Affair for Astronomers?

Firstly may I say thank you for sharing your wonderful telescope design with us. It was an absorbing and uplifting experience for us both!
As you know Brian and I have strong connections with astronomy through Cambridge Astronomical Association and through our own life interest.
We are both passionate and deeply committed to our subject.
Also we both regularly make and use telescopes of all types – from those found in professional observatories to some of the finest amateur instruments available.

Our CAA connections also make us most aware of the needs and issues faced by those beginning astronomy and of those who choose to pursue
astronomy at a semi professional level.

With this experience in mind I can say that I have never seen such an elegant and technically sophisticated solution to Newtonian telescope manufacture as you have achieved with this latest creation. I have personally researched the leading edge of amateur designs over many years.
I know this is where technical excellence and innovation is often to be found. Based on this research I believe you have a superior instrument which is at vanguard of present possibilities given the technology available.

You are to be greatly congratulated. It is a superbly practical piece of art and also a fantastic scientific instrument. So as we say in England – I take my hat of to you!

We were greatly impressed by the following features:

The elegant and simple minimalist construction techniques
The appropriate use of modern technology
Excellent potential for scalability of size
The extraordinary and beautiful aesthetics of the design
A wonderfully low overall weight
Fantastic build and optical quality
The extreme elegance of the design geometry

I believe real practical benefits for owners of this telescope will result

Superb ease of use (the scope you use most is the easiest one to use!)
Fantastic portability. This is critically important to modern Astronomers  
Wonderfully low weight. No problem for air travel to dark skies here
Simple to assemble and easy to use. This scope welcomes the newcomer!!!
Large aperture. For extreme versatility and deep sky capability
Fits the modern lifestyle. Easy storage and transport, used by all the family

In conclusion let me say you have made a thing of great beauty in this instrument. It has beauty of purpose and of construction. You will know that
astronomers often fall somewhat in love with the instruments that connect them so fundamentally with the Universe. Keen observers own many scopes
and are eager to share their knowledge with others. They consider this a wonderful if not beautiful experience. In this sense you have a product which
is easy to love. I predict this product will have passionate Champions!

I hope you are able to protect your design and find in this special place which is Cambridge those who can help you bring this design to the market.
Those who do help will help not only you, but generations of astronomers to come. Those who understand their shared duty in helping humankind
know our wonderful planet and its greater place in the space environment.

From our life experience, including many years in design and manufacture, we know that there is a long way to go before you can sell the scope
commercially. Your determination so far, working with limited resources, shows you have the passion and will to succeed.

If there is any way in which I can further assist your endeavours please let me know and I will do all I can to make help available.

To further indicate the level of belief I have in your future success please let me be the first to order one of you production telescopes when they become available. 

Again many thanks and our very best regards,

Barry Crellin ( and on behalf of Brian Lister)

Cambridge Astronomical Association

"... I am amazed at how stable the scope is for such a lightweight structure.
Vibrations damp very quickly after movement, and collimation holds effectively.
My only concern is that azimuth motion is slightly sticky with the additional
counterbalance. I may need to add some lubrication to the azimuth surface.
The optics are very good. I have had excellent images even in fairly bright
suburban skies. I look forward to taking it to a truly dark site. Coma is
minimal despite the fast focal ratio. I have not need to use a Paracorr yet.
Setup and takedown are becoming very easy now that I have had practice. 

I must congratulate you on the brilliant design. My observing companions are going to
be very impressed when I show up at the next star party with this scope in the
backpack. Based only on some e-mail discussions, I have already been asked to
write a short article about it for the Minnesota Astronomical Society newsletter
this fall. 
Overall, I am very impressed with the instrument. You have done an excellent
job designing and building it.

Cort Sylvester / Minneapolis - Minnesota USA


I just got back from the Winter Star Party 2010 in Florida and using the Mountain 12".  My simple summary is fantastic, excellent, superb.  I had the best time using this scope and found its performance to be outstanding.  I assumed with a travel scope this light and simple, there would be compromises and performance would be tolerable to trade off on its transportability.  It turned out to be much, much better than just tolerable.  It performed really well and was so much fun.  I will write up a full impression later and send it to you and am planning to do a review for Cloudy Nights if that is OK with you. 

I had no problem with the pole assembly and everything else worked perfectly.  Easy to put together and take apart after I had done it once.  I used the Ethos 8, 13, 17 and they were perfect.  Very easy to travel with.  

If the 16 works as good as the 12, then I will be so pleased.  


Doug Dolginow, Maryland USA  
I was amazed how stable it was in the wind. It hardly wiggled at all...

The scope has really proved itself and I am very happy with it! Again, thanks so much for all your help and understanding. You have made this 70 year old lady very happy.

Susan Girard, Hawaii USA    Member of the Hawaiian Astronomical Society
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